2x Osram HS1 Night Racer 50 64185NR5 motorcycle lamp halogen bulb bulb

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12 Volt motorcycle lamps 55W
Up to 110 % more light
High beam / low beam
20 % whiter light
A 40 meter longer beam of light
Blue coating and silver tip
3,200 Kelvin, base: PX43t
ECE Certification HS1
1 piece


Currently out of stock

Osram Night Racer 50 HS1 64185NR5 Motorcycle lamp (1 piece in folding box)

Osram Night Racer 50 HS1 at a glance
Up to 50 % more light on the road and 20 % whiter light
A 20 meter longer beam of light
more efficient light generation thanks to optimized noble filling gas formula
Striking design with blue coating and silver tip
ECE certification
Low beam / high beam
The halogen technology:
Osram Night Racer 50 HS1 halogen headlights are among the classic headlight systems. A halogen lamp can be compared with an incandescent lamp in terms of its design because both have a glass bulb with a wire that heats up when the headlights are switched on and is also filled with halogen gas to provide increased light output. Thus an increased life span is guaranteed.

Not only seeing, but also being seen is especially important for motorcyclists on the road. Due to their poor visibility in the dark, motorcyclists must always be able to rely 100% on the lighting. The Osram Night Racer 50 HS1 motorcycle lamp provides impressive modern blue-white light and a colour temperature of 3,200 Kelvin. This xenon-like light provides a pleasant brighter light effect for the rider. This lamp produces a 40 meter longer light cone and 50% more light and thus leads to more safety in road traffic. With a coating and the stylish silver cap, it provides an unmistakable look.
Osram Night Racer 50 HS1 halogen motorcycle lamps are tested for vibration resistance under lifelike conditions.

Technical data:
The rated wattage is 55 watts (maximum power consumption 36.8/36.8)
at a nominal voltage of 12 volts (test voltage 13.2 V).
The luminous flux measures 820/520 lumen.
The colour temperature is 3,200 Kelvin
The average service life is up to 150/300 hours.
Base: PX43t
Item: 64185NR5

Included in delivery is 1 x Osram Night Racer 50 HS1 motorcycle lamp 64185NR5.

Manufacturer: Osram
SKU: 64185NR5-2
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