Parking sensor BMW parking aid - car sensor controlled perfect parking

Hard to believe most road accidents happen when parking. Many of them contain only minor losses,  but while parking over curbs pedestrians and cyclists are increasingly affected. If a cyclist bumps into a car on the bike path, serious injuries may occur. The parking sensor BMW warns the driver in advance nichto avoid accidents and unsightly scratches in the vehicle body. In addition, camera systems provide rear view and laterally a better overview for the driver.

Correctly estimate the distance with the BMW parking sensor

You did not watch out, and misjudged the distance and have carelessly and fast scatches along a parked car. In this way, numerous jostles occur causing high costmi damages. Wrong estimations of distances cause high costs: Avoid a mishap of this kind using parking sensor BMW. The hidden projection on a wall behind flowering geraniums is detected in the narrow access to the own yard with a Parking Sensor BMW. Warning tones tell the driver exactly the distance to obstacles via the bumper sensors. Especially on narrow parking lots in shopping temples or underground garages in city centers it often bangs when parking. The stress factor created during shopping leads to loss of concentration on the way home.

The car manufacturer have developped a clever solution, With the advantages of a parking sensor BMW parking aid are parking maneuvers extremely easy to master. These useful helpers are an excellent achievement in automobile industry and have been used and evolved over the past few years. The accident statistics prove that shunting damages on parking spaces when parking in and out of vehicles have been reduced by more than a third with the BMW parking sensor. Truly an ingenious tool for safe parking. The parking sensor BMW also helps to master the every day garage access at home without scratching. Avoid parking damage and maneuvering damage with high-quality parking sensor. Ensure traffic safety technology with a perfect overview. The distace behind the vehicle is transmitted by distance measurement via visual-acoustic warning signals to the driver. Reversing detector with camera enables maximum safety when reversing with parking sensor BMW technology.

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How does parking sensor BMW parking sensor system work? New cars are more and more equipped with sensor technology as standard. Often are active systems with integreated screen offered ex works.
These show the parking movements via the navigation display measured by the parking sensor transducer. Older used cars are easy to retrofit with modern parking technology. Parking sensor BMW distance meter can be easily installed in the 3 series, 5 series or 7 series. The lover of a certain series such as the BMW x-series does not need anymore do without this comfortable and safety-enhancing comfort when parking. Easy parking with parking sensor BMW with additional integrated rear view camera let forget you your hard driving school training for parking.

Get out of the parking space with the aid of the acoustic parking sensor. The BMW warning sound output can be switched off. Here, extended parking systems also provide optical hints. The driver is provided with an unprecedented overview in order to a better access into the available space and estimate better the possibilities for parking. The park sensor BMW ultrasonic transducers are quickly installed with a few drilling holes in the bumpers. The preparation for the installation of parking sensor BMW is the greatest effort. Later an exchange is quickly possible. Perfectly fitting parking sensors BMW with plug&play clip mounting. In this way, a defective sensor is replaced in no time. With careful mounting, you can rely on the full functionality when parking. Worry free and damage free parking in small parking bays with ever-increasing traffic in front of supermarkets. Retrofittingfor older vehicles with parking sensor BMW system makes sense. Even if these car models offer a better overview due to the big car windows, in contrast to the new car class. Nowadays design requirements are often more important than ensuring a good all-round visibility to the driver. The usefulness of these parking aids with integratied parking sensors BMW has long been proven.

Parking aid retrofit parking sensors

The installation depends on the desired parking aid. Car models without rear-view camera and not equipped wit parking sensors inthe bumpers can be retrofitted with adequate parking sensors BMW ultrasonic parking aid. Car owners generally are scared of the necessary parking sensors BMW installation effort. But the possible resale prices is significantly higher by a safety relevant expansion with PDC sensors. In the automotive aftermarket for accessories are offered wireless versions up to radio reverse cameras availale. Each car owner can equip his car as desired.

Buy Parking Sensor BMW retrofit kit at Electronicx in our online-shop. However the compatibility with the own vehicle is to be compared depending on the indiviual model. Our customer service is also available via the customer hotline, live chat or by e-mail. It is important to know the OEM part number of your own car in order to buy the suitable parking sensor BMW online.

Parking sensor BMW ultrasonic transducer parking aid

Facilitates parking via parking aid with help of parking sensor BMW X3 is a popular variant and on top of that the cheapest version. The driver retains the upper hand and has a helpful parking sensors warning sounder on the side. Installation Parking sensor BMW 320i by uncomplicated mounting in the bumper rear and front. According to the model series, the car is usually equipped with four or six sensors. Extended parking assistants have additional parking sensors on the side. The holes are prepared and the parking sensor BMW embedded by clip-mounting. An electronic control unit acts as a signal generator usually placed in the cockpit. At the same time newer systems offer a display. The screen visually displays the distance to other cars or objects. The parking procedure becomes considerably easier with focus on the essential due to effective parking sensors.

Tip: Retrofitting parking sensor BMW as a reverse warning due to the poorer visibility to the rear is sufficient for many drivers. Parking sensors for installation on the vehicle front are also very useful. Many models allow only a good half meter in front of the hood insight, up to the front bumper is usually a blind spot. To bump a wall, goes fast and even in slow driving a painted fender gets damaged. Parking sensor BMW Parking Sensor aid attachment to the vehicle rear and the front makes sense and saves on painting costs.

Parking sensors support reversing camera

A parking sensor BMW is not required for the reversing camera installation. However, parking sensor with camera assistance give the driver double visibility, accuracy and safety when parking backwards on any parking area. For optimal visibility in the rear of the car, a video camera is important. The reversing camera is installed on the license plate for maximum visibility. Along existing cable harnesses can be easily connected to the cockpit and linked by an extra monitor, mobile device or the existing navigation LCD display. The driver orients himself to the parking sensor BMW warning tones and the image on the monitor. It's easy to see how much space is available for maneuvering backwards. Some car types can only provide 110 degree viewing angles, while others have nearly the entire area up to 170 degree. This can be determined with the vehicle type and the OEM parking sensor BMW.

Important: The usual offers for reversing camera systems are irritating for many drivers. Different lines of colors such as red, green or yellow illustrate the distance to the source of danger. The markings are of the utmost importance for the targeted steering wheel turns and parking becomes faster and easier. Experience has shown that combinations consisting of parking sensor BMW distance warning device and reversing warning reversing camera represent the most comfortable option. Through listening and seeing, both senses are used, which reduces the risk of losing sight of something during the parking process.

PDC sensors Auxiliary radio based reversing camera

For easy instllation without having to go to the specialist workshop and spend extra money for working hours, reversing cameras with radio are also available. Rear view camera parking sensor BMW with radio has several advantages. Parking sensor BMW is easy to install and connect to the on-board electronics. It becomes cumbersome with the wiring from the camera unit in the rear to the monitor. The effort becomes higher to hide the connecting cables properly in the cable ducs. The reversing camera version does not work completely without wires. Most models need a connection to the backlight for power supply. Only the transmission to the dahsboard display works wirelessly. On the negative side, it should be noted that the radio transmission delivers a significantly poorer picture quality than comparable rear view cameras with cable connection.

Parking assistance parking sensor BMW for garages and parking niches

This simple and effective parking sensor BMW parking aid model is stationary and operates by LED. It works like a sign for advertising purposes, which is fixed in one place and serves as landmark for parking. Upon contact, the LEDs will respond and come on a warning sign of the approaching obstacle. A useful and manageable investment for the every day danger in a too short garage or protruding stones in a garden wall.  Parking sensors also servesto define a certain area for example to not regularly drive against a wall.

Parking with parking sensor BMW or camera or both?

As vehicle owner the consideration should be given as to which parking situations you need a parking assistant parking sensor BMW. Choose the variant that works best for you and fits your car. Of course, the budget also plays a major role in the subsequent installation.

Often a parking sensor BMW ultrasound system is perfectly adequate and fulfils its purpose. While SUV models like the BMW X5 can be parked much better due to an additional reversing camera. Small cars from the 1 series, convertibles, station wagons and sedans like the 5 series BMW or M3 can be easily maneuvered with a built-in parking sensor BMW support. In principle, both systems combined are the safest option, but a normal vehicle with ultrasonic sensors will always be easy to park. In contrast, campers, buses, vans and trucks with a reversing camera allow the driver a view that is impossible to obtain from the driver's seat. Thus, normal cars can be excellently equipped with the technology of modern sensors and vans or motorhomes are much easier to steer backwards with a built-in extra rear view camera. A restricted view or blind spot is eliminated.

Fact of retrofitting or buying a nwe car with integrated parking sensor BMW ex works

When buying a new car, our clear recommendation is to buy an already included parking aid according to the latest standards. Retrofitting is always possible, an original parking system BMW integrated in the factory is optimally adapted to the vehicle design and additional cameras are connected directly to the navigation screen. The cost of retrofitting is enormous and the integration will ultimately not succeed optically like in already integrated and complex parking systems from the manufacturer. The car-do-it-yourselfer will also get his money worth and will sooner or later exchange one or the other parking sensor BMW, if a parking sensor is pushed in by a rear-end collision or if water enters. Causes of a defect are usually different. Retrofit systems require a high degree of technical skills from the hobby craftsman. If you enjoy crafting at a car, this comfortable extension is the right gadget. Robust as well as optimally processe. Get the parking sensor BMW 525i in the onlineshop with warranty in the usual OEM quality.

Park stress-free in tight situations with parking sensor BMW

Parking without stress and safety in a small space with parking sensor BMW parking aid is possible. The process of parking gets immensely easier with a sensor-controlled parking system based on parking sensor BMW technology. By reverse warning sounds you can park easily backwards crosswise with subsequent traffic. A parking aid proves to be particularly advantageous. Anyone who often has to drive through tight situations with the vehicle will quickly appreciate the advantages of a parking sensor BMW parking aid.

Parking assistance models compatible parking sensor BMW

Parking distance control is a technical aid that measures distances and transmits them to the driver via visual-acoustic warning signals. In the case of limited visibility and blind spots parking with a parking aid parking sensor BMW is made much easier. Parking systems can act as an active system or as a passive parking system, including the standard parking sensors. The parking sensor BMW is the perfect complement to various novel techniques for parking with assistants. The versions can have the same background, avoiding damage to cars to make everyday parking easier.

Passive parking sensor BMW parking systems

Wireless passive reversing alarms work via landmarks that assist the driver in parking and maneuvering backwards. These are mainly used for better and easier positioning of the car. Directly on the vehicle and also as a clue in the parking lot for damage-free parking.

The first variant of a passive parking aid was installed in the 1950s. Curb feeler in the German curb wing stood horizontally up to 30 centimeters from the sills. Mounted on the front wheel and a warning sound was generated at the touch of a curb. The driver was able to react accordingly and avoid an ugly paint scratch. Luxurious Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac widebody vehicles were given a special design element in the 1960s just to avoid damage. The well-known tail fins had an important reason, they served as landmarks in order not to tease anywhere with the elaborately painted rear of the vehicle.

In particular for truck drivers backward maneuvering is really hard to execute. An elegant solution brought relief here. At the end of the front fenders and bumpers of older truck models flexible dipsticks were installed. The top served as a point of orientation for the driver. Without today's reversing cameras and without a guide, backward parking was a problem. The vehicle is not visible from the truck driver's cab. Modern parking sensors and cameras make these situations easier for today's truck drivers.

The first installed sensor-controlled parking aid was installed in the Mercedes-Benz S-class in 1991. The new big dimension of the luxury car class was extremely difficult to park. The idea of installing dip sticks in the rear fenders was brilliant. They came out by inserting the reverse gear just under eight inches. An exceptional way to park in the 1960s.

Active Parking Sensor BMW parking systems
Parking assistants and parking systems that are operated electrically are available in a wide range of categories. Buy the suitable parking sensor BMW at Electronicx Online Shop.

The distance from the object to the vehicle is visualized via the navigation display or an external monitor. A house wall, flower tub or parked car is also signalized by acoustic beeps. Ultrasound-based parking systems with warning sound output parking sensor BMW immediately convey the distance to obstacles without causing the driver to stray with his eyes. Warning tones radio systems work well communicate clearly and immediately the approach to the obstacle by car. Perfect for parking on a busy road. The trend is visually-acoustic parking systems. Here is the parking process displayed on a screen. Additionally, warning signals are delivered in intervals, as the car approaches the object. Most parking sensors BMW parking aids for this type generated an acoustic signal in a distance range of 50 to 20 centimeters to the source of danger.

Different sensor-controlled technologies
- Radio
- Ultrasonic
- Laser
- Camera-based parking aid
- Self-steering parking aids
- Reversing warning system

Parking assistance sensor for parking sensor BMW with ultrasound
Ultrasonic parking systems work sensor-controlled. The distance meters are installed in the bumpers of the automobile.
Electronicx replacement sensors can be installed in no time at all and subsequently painted in the paint optics of the car.

The numbers of ultrasonic sensors for the bumper front and rear depends on the model. Differences of the parking sensors are in the design but mainly it is kept round. In general the more parking sensor installed in the bumpers, the more accurately the range will be calculated. In principle, the parking sensor BMW ultrasonic signals are processed via an electronic control unit and the data is transmitted to the driver.

The calculation is simple. The outsent ultrasonic waves by the ultrasonic transducer to the object and back measures the distance based on the running time. The parking aid with ultrasonic technology parking sensor BMW is easy to retrofit to your used car. Distance measurements of the front sensors in the latest systems serve to avoid rear-end collisions. The distance to the proceeding road user is determined continously. In this form, the parking sensor BMW parking aid is a better driving assistant.

Parking assistance parking sensor BMW with radar technology

The measurement method with radar-sensors is comparable to ultrasonic sensors parking systems. The difference in radar-based parking aids is that they use radar signals for distance measuring instead of ultrasonic. The BMW parking sensor  radar sensors are not recognizable, because this technology enables it to measure through the bumpers. Reverse driving is faster possible in comparison to ultrasonic based parking aid. The radar-based parking assistant warns equally fast the driver of approaching obstacles. However, the parking sensor BMW as a radar-based parking system is less sensitive to ultrasonic transducers. The parking aid is cheaper and the installation effort less, in addition, the total weight is less.

Disadvantage of radar sensor: snow and rainwater on the bumper falsify the measurement result, as well plant parts that can run over a masonry may be calculated as obstacle and the risk is not determined. The human eye stays ultimately the security for exact parking.

Parking with camera and parking sensor BMW parking aid

A camera at the rear of the vehicle gives the driver a better overview when parking backwards in a parking bay or garage. On a monitor, the environment behind the car can be seen. Especially helpful when parking backwards or sideways with subsequent traffic. An additional parking sensor BMW distance measuring system is the perfect complement to avoid unsightly damage to the paint. The advantage of camera-based parking aids is that even low obstacles can be detected. Retrofitting high-quality surround view systems increases the safety and comfort of parking. The BMW parking sensor may miss out on a brick that protrudes of a wall and that the driver with reversing camera on the display will simply recognize. With this technology annoying head turning is a thing of the past and allows more visibility than the eyes through the rear window. Detecting the smallest obstacles with the right reversing warning equipment.

Locked wide-angle cameras below the exterior mirrows provide an additional visual extension along the curb to the parking sensor BMW. A scratch on the alloy wheels by curb contact is avoidable and the traffic can be perfectly observed when parking out. On the LED display in the dashboard images of the side mirror camera are displayed and rectified for optimal visibility in the traffic.

Self-steering parking system Parking sensor BMW reversing alarm park steering systems that automatically park are the latest highlight of the car manufacturer in the high-priced segment. Self-steering parking systems for retrofitting are available in the online-shop with parking assistant BMW parking sensor the driver remains the control of gas and brakes while parking. The alignment of the distance warning measuring sensors is usually set transversely to the direction of travel. More clarity allows parking sensor BMW parking system with an additional camera to facilitate reversing. Car accidents caused by failed parking attempts are sustainably avoided.

Consider installation costs of ultrasonic sensors

Buy replacement sensor for the parking aid in OEM quality at the Electronicx Onlineshop. By using a sensor-controlled parking aid the driver gets more control and feels safer when parking. The price ranges are extremely different. It is important to have the parking sensor BMW OEM park number of your own vehicle ready to hand. A cheap parking sensor BMW works just as reliable with your parking aid. Our Electronics team is available for advice. In our experience, a defective parking sensor BMW can be exchanged on its own with a little craftsmanship.

Tip: Parking sensor BMW parking assistance bumper sensors are to be kept clean. Dirt and contamination can have a negative impact on the distance measurement. Ultrasonic sensors could react incorrectly and lead to accidents due to false signals. When parking sensors replacement and repainting a touch thin paint coat is to apply so as not to affect the functionality.

Advantages and disadvantages parking aid parking sensor BMW retrofitting

Advantages parking assistance
-Reduces parking damage
- With pleasure parking as in the computer game
- Comfortable and less stress
- Use smalles parking spaces
- Retrofit kit available for many vehicle models
- Mounting at low costs OEM parking sensor BMW

Disadvantages Parking assistance:

- Elaborate retrofitting in-house
- Cost factor workshop installation
- Cost for painting
- Computer wiring of complex systems with camera
- Parking sensor defective technical solutions

Which parking sensor to buy BMW and which version is best suited for the own vehicle model ?

Various forms of parking assistance at different prices with many technologies are available. Our expert team in the onlineshop is available to advise you to buy the perfect parking aid model for your used car. Replace the custom parking sensor BMW and install it properly with Electronicx replacement sensors for the bumpers. Ultrasonic-based parking sensor BMW parking systems are installed in the bumper of the car. The right drill bit is crucial for the perfect bore to integrate the parking sensor BMW with the car electrics.

It should be noted that sufficient accessories are supplied with the electronic parking aid

The cables with same length for easy installation, especially when the parking sensor BMW parking aid is linked to the control display. The economical and effective variant as reversing warner in worthwhile for many car owners. The rear of the car offers certain advantages to install the parking sensor BMW. There is no wiring, which runs through the whole car. The only important thing is the volume or the warning signal output Parking sensor BMW reversing warning system. Prepare the old BMW 3 with a few exact hole precautions in the fender and the parking aid is no more in the way. Warning sounder install ultrasonic sensors and easily connect them to the tail light for power supply. This power source activates automatically the reverse warning sensor parking sensor BMW aid when going into reverse gear. The parking aid will get active, when needed. It is the perfect solution for retrofitting system.


If you would like to take advantage of Parking sensor bMW reversing alarms during the parking procdure and your own vehicle does not have a parking system, you can retrofit yourself. Modern parking technology offers numerous systems and often cheap solutions are sufficient to get more visibility when parking. The blind spot is abolished with a feature-rich parking sensor BMW parking aid and parking in confined spaces become child's play. The purpose criteria determines wheter with camera on display or only acoustic parking support for your car.