Osram Original Line H3 64156, 24V truck, folding box (10 pieces)

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24 Volt truck lamp, 70 Watt
Fog light, low beam/high beam
Original spare part
Convincing price-performance ratio
Impressive brightness
dependable quality
Socket: PK22s
ECE Certification H3
ten pieces


Currently out of stock

Osram H3 Original Line 64156 24V
Osram H3 Original Line at a glance

Convincing price-performance ratio
Impressive brightness
Fog light, low beam
Reliable quality
Original spare part
The halogen technology
Halogen headlights are among the classics among headlight systems. A halogen bulb is comparable to an incandescent bulb in terms of its design, as both have a glass bulb with a wire that heats up when the headlights are switched on. In addition, halogen gas is heated in the glass bulb to produce an increased light output. Thus an increased service life is guaranteed.

The Osram H3 Original Line halogen headlight lamp features a unique combination of renowned quality, impressive brightness and reliable life.

Technical data

The rated power is 70 watts (maximum power consumption 84W) at a rated voltage of 24 volts (test voltage 28 V).
The luminous flux measures 500 lumen.
The average service life is up to 400/650 hours.
Base: PK22s
Item: 64156

The scope of supply includes 10 x Osram H3 Original Line 64156.

SKU: 64156-10
GTIN: 4050300565828
Volt‍: 24 V
Fassung‍: H3
Sockel‍: PK22s
Watt‍: 70 W
Shipping weight‍: 1,00 kg
Item weight‍: 0,08 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height )‍: 82,00 × 56,00 × 102,00 cm
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