Osram Xenarc Cool Blue Intense 66240CBI-HCB D2S 2 pc

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Xenon Autolampe D2S
Blaueffekt ohne Beschichtung 
Leuchtet außergewöhnlich hell
20 % mehr Licht 
Farbtemperatur von bis zu 6000 Kelvin
Sockel: PK32d-2
35W 85V
Sockel: PK32d-2
ECE Zertifizierung
Duo Box
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Xenon Osram D2S Xenarc Cool Blue Intense 66240CBI-HCB

Osram D2S Xenarc Cool Blue Intense - at a glance
  • Blue effect without coating
  • Extraordinary bright light with up to 20 % more light in comparison to conventional coated xenon lamps
  • High-contrast and precise light illumination on the road due to a colour temperature of up to 5500° Kelvin
    Twice higher illuminance as standard bulbs and up to 35 m longer beam on the road and so a faster reaction time for the driver
  • Low and High beam

New Technology
With the new Technology of the XENARC family, OSRAM offers a new higher intensity to vehicles. The XENARC gas discharge lamp does not have a filament. Instead an arc is created between two electrodes in a quartz bulb, which is filled with xenon gas and metallic salts. The lamp ignites when high voltage is applied. Igniting, heating and stabilizing the arc of a Xenarc lamp requires an electronic control gear. The system consists of an electronic igniter and an electronic ballast unit.

The light is much closer to that of natural daylight with its colour temperature range of 4,100° to 4,500° Kelvin. This offers a better illumination of the road, driving by night can be more comfortable because the light can help drivers see hazard on both sides of the road and fast tiring of the eyes is prevented.

The Xenon headlight lamp Osram D2S Xenarc Cool Blue Intense produces a cool blue light with up to 5,500° Kelvin. Due to innovative manufacturing methods the light efficiency could be increased by up to 20 % in comparison to conventional coated xenon lamps. It produces a light beam, which is up to 40 meters longer and the road gets illuminated as bright as day. Shadows and contrasts are particularly apparent and drivers feel more secure by precise light illumination on the road.

Technical Data
The maximum power consumption is 35 watts at a rated voltage of 85 volts (test voltage 13.5 volts).
The luminous flux measures depending on the type between 2800 and 3200 Lumens.
Xenarc COOL BLUE INTENSE lamps have an average lifetime of 3000 operating hours.
The colour temperature is 5500° Kelvin.
Base: PK32d-2
Order number: 66240CBI-HCB

The delivery contains 2 x Osram D2S Xenarc Cool Blue Intense 66240CBI-HCB

Manufacturer: Osram
SKU: 95-YYDH-69W7
GTIN: 4052899431720
Fassung‍: D2S
Lichtausbeute‍: +20%
Sockel‍: P32d-2
Volt‍: 12 V85 V
Watt‍: 35 W
Xenon‍: Xenarc Cool Blue Intense
Shipping weight‍: 0,10 kg
Item weight‍: 0,05 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height )‍: 114,00 × 48,00 × 103,00 cm


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