Park sensor 3Q0919275A for VW PDC Parktronic

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Parktronic PDC parking sensor 3Q0919275A

for VW

Parking sensor 3Q0919275A - At a glance

easy conversion with Plug & Play
Easy parking with the sensor-controlled parking aid
Avoidance of damage and additional costs to the car
OE number: 3Q0919275A
The acoustic warning increases in intensity the closer you get to the obstacle. The parking sensor 3Q0919275A emits ultrasonic signals and converts them into beeps. It also sends a visual indication to the driver via the display. This indicates how far away the object is from your vehicle.

If necessary, the parking sensor 3Q0919275A can be painted over so that it does not affect the appearance of the car.

It is important that you always compare the OE number of your sensor with that of the parking sensor 3Q0919275A.

GTIN: 4059568998836
PDC-Autohersteller‍: VW
Shipping weight‍: 0,10 kg
Item weight‍: 0,03 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height )‍: 80,00 × 50,00 × 35,00 cm
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