Park sensor 66206989091 for BMW PDC Parktronic

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calculates distance to the obstacle and emits warning tones
Parking sensor 66206989091 BMW
Avoid damage to sheet metal
Detect obstacles faster
Spare part


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PDC parking sensor 66206989091 BMW Parktronic Electronicx®

With a PDC, drivers can make better use of parking spaces. It also reduces the risk of manoeuvring damage and enables drivers to park and unpark quickly and safely.  The parking sensor 66206989091 protects you from damage to your car, especially in tight spaces.

Function of a PDC sensor
Short ultrasonic waves are transmitted by the parking sensor 66206989091, which is installed in the bumper of the vehicle. The sensor transmits the acquired data to the control unit, which then calculates the distance from the sensor to the obstacle and sends optical-acoustic signals to the driver.

Parking sensor 66206989091 - At a glance

easy conversion with Plug & Play
Easy parking with the sensor-controlled parking aid
Avoidance of damage and additional costs to the car
OE number: 66206989091 (no original BMW part)
Please compare the OE number with your PDC sensor.
The sensor is primed and should be painted in car color for the usual look.

GTIN: 4059568000072
PDC-Autohersteller‍: BMW
Shipping weight‍: 0,10 kg
Item weight‍: 0,03 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height )‍: 80,00 × 50,00 × 35,00 cm
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