Parksensor Citroen

Parking sensor Citroen a helpful support system for stress-free parking

CITROEN - Reknown for extravagant optical vehicle models and automotive equipment. Often the hatchpack series from the C4 to the C8 offer little visibility from the rear window and difficult parking maneuvers are inevitable. Only the innovative parking sensor Citroen technique helps to park safely and easily backwards.

How many times have you lowered the side window, craning your head to catch another glimpse behind? In the end, the curb was a bit too high and after two or three other unfortunate actions, it was time to change the rear bumper. The costs of dismantling to the new mount and painting hurts in the purse.

Historical facts of the parking assistant parking assistance PDC parking sensor

The German inventor Rainer Buchmann is considered the authoritative developper of the electronic, sensor-based parking aid. Up to our today for French cars suitable Citroen parking sensor he used autofocus sensors of the previously popular Polaroid camera to measure distances. After curbside probes and dipsticks, electrics were used to detect obstacles and avoid unsightly scratches.

Citroen PDC parking sensor to prevent parking damage

A remedy are parking sensor Citroen replacements for safe maneuvering backwards and forwards in narrowest parking bays. After breakfast, you want to start a big shopping tour. Get the kids dressed and ready you are. The first task, after the kids are strapped properly, to park the car backwards out of the parking niche. Easy frustration comes up when realizing that the husband was again too lazy to park backwards after the football training. Thanks to the parking sensor Citroen park beeper, it is possible to skip out without scratching the yellow bin that is standing in the way. Pass by in our Electronicx store and buy parking sensor Citroen. On the way to the shopping hall, the next scratches in the fender would be caused very fast, due to overlooked barrier posts of the parking lot. However, the collision warning parking sensor Citroen have given a warning signal in good time and after closer inspection you recognize the pillar. You continue to turn around to find a suitable parking niche.  There is an extremely scarce transverse parking niche free in a side street. A rather unpopular reverse parking is required.
The smart ultrasonic sensors conduct perfectly distance measurement and it succeeds skillfully to park without touching another car or curb. The warning sound output, indicates the distance to other parked cars or obstacles in front and rear sides. A continuous warning tone is put out after reaching an object up to 30 centimeters.

Special features Parking aid PDC parking sensor Citroen

PDC parking sensor Citroen CAN bus interface suitable for Peugeot for retrofitting a parking aid (PDC). With innovative PDC (Park Distance Control) interface with numerous steering wheel control functions, the connectively with the respective original radio has to be considered. In the Electronicx Online-shop, you always buy replacement sensors for the front and rear bumper. The parking sensor Citroen set for replacement in the best OEM quality also offers Auto Quadlock plug for original car radios from Blaupunkt, Clarios, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony and Zenec. Compatible signal transmission parking sensor Citroen warning sound output with external steering wheel remote control input and live images of the rear camera on the Navi screen possible. The warning lights work together with parking sensor Citroen distance measurement and built-in rear view camera.

Buy a parking assistance PDC parking sensor Citroen

Installing the PDC parking sensor Citroen reduces costly repairs to the car and also increases in motor insurance. For the installation it should be noted that the parking sensor Citroen units are clamped in the fenders in the correct position. The simple clip mounting will not change the performance of the PDC parking sensor Citroen module.

Parktronic parking PDC parking sensor Citroen - The car spare parts market offers plenty of good deals. Most vehicles requires at least four PDC parking sensor with control unit and warning sounder. Parking sensor Citroen retrofit kit for used cars in the online-shop or replacing a defective ultrasonic sensor. After accidents, a parking sensor is often pressed in. Here it is sufficient to buy a spare sensor to retrofit PDC parking sensor. In the Electronicx Onlineshop parking sensor Citroen buy for Plug&Play installation in the front and rear bumper ideally suited.

The high quality and extremely robust plastic retrofit sensors offer the best comfort for reverse parking with parking sensor Citroen. As additional parking support for the PDC Citroen PDC parking sensor, optical aids are available as an extension to the reversing alarm. Rear view camera Parking Systems in combination with PDC parking sensor Citroen offers optimum protection against parking bumps. What the PDC Citroen parking sensor may not detect or capture late is shown by the wide-angle detection of the rear view camera elegant and driver-friendly on the monitor in the cockpit.

The parking systems with ParkPilot sensor Citroen parking aid in high quality can be ordered at low costs at the Electronicx Online-shop with the OEM Number (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The original parking sensor Citroen units can be found in the respective product description in order to buy the exactly fitting car accessories for the car. Our service team will be happy to help you to find the suitable parking sensor Citroen, contact us via live chat, customer hotline or by e-mail.

Install PDC parking sensor Citroen
If you have a lot of experience in screwdriving on your own car, PDC parking sensor will be the best option for you. The crucial question at the beginning is for you to check what you want and what kind of parking assistant fits your vehicle. It is also important how much comfort you wish.
The installation workload for parking sensor Citroen refers as well to the year of construction of your car. Basically, almost every car model can be tuned with parking aids.  Workload for cars from the 1980s and 1990s is much higher for incorporation of PDC Parking Sensors. At that time, significantly less car electrics stuck in the vehicles and laying the cables isn't that easy.  

Newer automobiles already dispose of cable harnesses of hood or trunk in the passenger compartment. For self-installation it is recommended to have a helper on the side, at least to dismantle the bumpers and later to mount them again. Parking sensor Citroen - To install the bumper sensors accurate holes are needed for putting in the PDC Parking sensor Citroen components.

Compliance of the exact diameter is extremely important. The sealing ring must fit perfectly and prevent the ingress of water into the Citroen parking sensor. Positioning of the drill holes is curcial in order to be able to cover the entire area in the best possible way over a large area. If the distances of the PDC parking sensor are too far apart, certain areas may not be detected by the Citroen parking sensor. This can cause expensive scratches on your own vehicle. PDC parking sensor Citroen accurate distance calculation requires accuracy-of-fit when installing ultrasonic sensors. 

Pay attention to the operating instructions and all information provided by the vehicle manufacturer and enjoy the pleasure of stress-free parking with sensor-controlled parking aid.

Anyone who puts great emphasis on a parking sensor Citroen retrofitting reversing alarms with reversing camera, chooses a cost-effective parking aid with parking sensor Citroen efficiently for stress-free parking.

The connection to the on-board power supply network must be made. Each individual parking sensor Citroen requires energy and connection to the control unit. The parking sensor Citroen parking system with reversing camera is also to be wired accordingly. Both parking technologies require a direct connection to the reversing light. When the vehicle is in reverse, the parking aid immediately begins to scan the entire rear area via the Park Sensor Citroen modul units. If there is an obstacle in the way, a sound interval sounds over the warning buzzer. In addition, the driver has the opportunity to create a better overview of the entire parking procedure. From the driver's seat, the image of the reversing camera is displayed on the screen in the center console.

If your vehicle does not have an on-board computer and has no navigation device, an external LCD device with display is available. With the right cabling, existing screens in the car can of course be used for image transmission. For the entire installation is a certain expertise about electronics advantageous. Especially if you want to integrate a camera system for parking assistance and the warning sound output parking sensor Citroen should work on the car radio.

Easy parking aids also offer parking sensor Citroen distance measurement and warning sounder alert tones, however, the radio does not turn off by itself. In addition, this type of hints, that do not come directly through the speakers of the vehicle get quickly lost. Loud traffic or sirens from the outside lead quickly to misunderstanding of the warning signals. The correct parking system accurately installed is crucial in order to be able to park backwards with the parking sensor Citroen without damage.

Rear view camera parking sensor Citroen

Extended or single rear view camera Parking aids usually require a hole in the license plate for installation. If the camera is fixed, the wiring with the backlight has to be done. Our recommendation let the installation be done by a specialist. Wrong drilled holes, bring problems. Is the hole too big, the reversing camera will not fit properly and is extremely prone to vibration. The wiring is a bit trickier, the connection with the dashboard, to see the camera images live on the monitor is very difficult to execute. 

If no monitor is available, an extra screen is to be integrated here, for example with an adhesive surface on the windscreen or dashboard area. The auto parts market offers new radio-based rear view cameras, but the transmission quality is poor. Obstacle can be badly recognized at dusk or darkness and worse visibility is the result. In addition, a radio transmission is extremely susceptible to interference. A high-resolution image will definitely help the driver and make parking easier. Radio transmission sounds good and seeing a little more required. Nevertheless, this version also requires a power supply, and therfore linking to the rear light for activation is also necessary.

Finding a parking space at home, at work, at the doctor's or shopping, costs a lot of nerves. Here, a modern parking aid using PDC parking sensor Citroen perfectly supports the driver. Once again everything in the city center is blocked and no parking space is free? The system indicates available spaces and gives a sign.  

The fact is, that the parking sensor Citroen distance measurement allow parking at some fifty centimeters distance to objects or parked cars. Street bollards, laterns or a little box are of course included in the distance indication. If you use  a parking assistant with parking sensor Citroen for the first time, you don't have to worry. The automatic steering angles are to be used to, but the parking sensor Citroen assistance system manages it to park into the narrowest parking niches without jostles. Parking with subsequent traffic in transverse parking niches is difficult. With this system parking sensor Citroen it gets easy and the traffic remains in focus.

Once used, no driver will want to do without these robot parking features. Cross and side streets in the old town of many large cities offer only such parking areas and a parking sensor Citroen parking aid is the optimal help for these parking conditions. Thus parking aids with parking sensor Citroen C- Etysée offer completely new possibilities in the parking space search and help to park easily. For many drivers, parking is one of the worst car driving tasks, not just the stress of parking, but the daily search for a gap. With the parking sensor Citroen C5 many parking niches are easily mastered.

A parking assistant Citroen parking sensor brings remedy. Is the parking steering system activated, it will indicate free parking spaces to the driver. If several potential parking spaces are available within a very short time, the driver needs to decide which one he wants to park by setting the indicator. The car is automatically steered to the free parking area and regulates all movements of the steering wheel independently. The driver sill has the responsibility and presses the gas pedal and ends the parking scenario by kicking on the brakes. If another car gets rammed by activated parking sensor Citroen Assistants, the driver is legally responsible.

Straight backwards parking with Parktronic parking system parking sensor Citroen park Assistant. The obligatory redirecting back and forth is no more necessary. Computer-controlled, the PDC parking sensor Citroen C4 Cactus steers cleverly into the next available parking space.

Park steering systems do their job on the basis of measured data of the parking sensor Citroen distance warning. The driver continuous to reveice warning sounds in intervals to approach an obstacle via PDC Citroen parking sensor. In addition, rear view cameras and wide-angle side cameras provide the driver with live images of the parking procedure. Other obstructive objects would immediately attract attention and the driver can cancel the parking process. Avoid costly parking jostles with Citroen technical parking sensor support.

This form of parking sensor Citroen high-tech parking systems is preferably available in the new car sector as an optional extra. The suitable distance sensors for parking aids with PDC parking sensor Citroen are available in the Electronicx Onlineshop at low costs in high quality.

Passive parking aid without PDC parking sensor

Passive parking aids have been fashionable since the 1950s and have gradually become a defining design element of the auto industry. They operate completely without a Citroen parking sensor and generate only landmarks that make reverse parking easier for the driver. The position of the vehicle can be clearly assessed.

Of course, the first inventions were used on larger vehicle models of the upper class. In the early 1990s, the Stuttgart luxury car maker Mercedes Benz brought out a new S-Class that was longer and wider than all previous models. Since parking backwards was hardly possible without scatching, the vehicle engineers developped a kind of flexible dipstick. When reverse gear was engaged in the luxury car, up to eight centimeters dipsticks automatically were put out of the rear fenders.

The driver thus had an indication point in the field of view that indicated the end of the when reversing car. Contact with curb edges, masonry, fence posts or street lamps could be reduced. A similar system are still available on older trucks. Mobile dipsticks on the bumpers to prevent objects from being overlooked during the laborious parking of a truck. Although the systems did not replace a guide, but brought a certain relief to the cab.

The really very first form of passive parking assistance are the so-called tail fins known from Cadillac and Mercedes vehicles. They served primarily as orientation in reverse parking and give a magificient car design. The warning sound output of today's parking sensor Citroen parking beeper is certainly no comparison with the Curb Feeler from 70 years ago. Paint damages were disliked in former days and are still today. Only for varnishers brings this fun. The curb probe was great with its scratch-like sounds it warned of approaching high curbs. The first form of today's parking sensor Citroen was born.

After the first American models and versions of Chevy and Cadillac, the wheel arches of some German cars were equipped with the flexible rods. Depending on the installation location between 15 and 30 inches long, a noise was generated by curb approach. The first were still horizontally away from the vehicle, while renewals were aligned obliquely down. Chronium an high gloss were very popular at the time and these useful helpers let rims and moldings shine for a longer time. If a redirection was necessary, the driver was alerted in time.

Active parking aid

The technology of the car maker allows the car owner to choose between two measuring methods. Both options with parking sensor Citroen are to be installed in the respective vehicle. In the basic orientation, the task is to give the driver the distance to one or more obstacles via optical or acoustic parking aids. The most modern variants use both technologies and offer more autonomous self-steering parking.

The acoustic parking aid signals via a warning sound output the distance change to the obstacle due to interval tones that get even faster when approaching the object, up to a to continuous tone. Visual-acoustic parking systems have an LCD display or a graphical representation in the cockpit screen in the center console. In addition to the scenario presentation a warning buzzer sound for better perception. On the car market several parking systems are available, suggest the steering ange or execute the steering maneuvers independently.

Features PDC parking sensor Citroen

Driving or forwards and backwards parking with new parking aid parking sensor Citroen needs practice to properly handle the offered warning signals. Basic requirement for the correct handling of the parking sensor Citroen parking system, is a professional installation of the sensor technology. Once the functionality has been internalized, parking becomes a great pleasure and is no longer comparable to the sometimes stressful parking moments of the past.

Follow the instruction when retrofitting a parking aid and learn how to use it for easy reverse parking sideways and crosswise. Innovative parking sensor with parking assistant to prevent damage to the car. You plan to install a parking system or have a sensor-controlled parking aid, here the functionality is to be checked at regular intervals. It is best excexute with another person and test the collision warning system step by step. If the existing parking system in the car is activated, the usual standard warning sound output should work.

The park beeper sounds the warning tones faster in the interval when an object is approaching. Now you can be sure, the parking aid is in order. If you detect any irregularities or the PDC parking sensor Citroen is defective, a replacement sensor can be purchased at any time from Electronicx.

OEM redesigned parking sensor Citroen to fit accuracy into the car bumper. Take out the damage ultrasonic sensor and use the retrofit sensor Citroen parking sensor with the simplest clip assembly. After installation painting is possible, the replacement sensor is delivered primed and can be painted by spray paint.

For guaranteed function, apply a very thin layer of paint; if too much car paint is sprayed onto the Citroen parking sensor, the distance measurement may be falsified. If possible, move back and forth in front of the active PDC parking sensor, in order to secure yourself for the next confused parking maneuvers that are guaranteed.

Electronicx Experts Tip for parking aid beginner: test driving slowly forwards and backwards with reverse warning. Simply drive slowly onto a plastic bucket to get to know the warning sound and use the warning signals in the supermarket parking lot properly. And for control purposes, check the uninterrupted distance signaling of the Citroen parking assist parking sensor to avoid any potential parking sensor.

High quality PDC parking sensor system Citroen

Quick easy installation is promised with parking systems for the rear of the vehicle. Through radio transmission, the signal is sent to the control unit of the car. With visual representation on a display, the distance to danger sources is indicated. At the same time some of the cheap parking sensors Citroen parking systems are able to transmit acourstic warning sounds to the driver. The retrofitting kit is installable at low costs and available at afforadable prices.

A suction cap ensures the attachment. This way, a rear view camera is fixed to the rear window. This won't be a good permanent solution. The camera is highly vibration-prone and radio interferences can occur at any time. It may seem like an improvement in the short term, but there are many risks involved . The question is, if that is the desired comfort you need. For good permanently installed parking sensor Citroen parking sensor are always a conical drill necessary for installation. Self-installation is possible and the benefits of PDC parking sensor during all weather conditions can be enjoyed.

With a bit of technical talent is the parking sensor Citroen installation possible and the mechanic hobbyist enjoys crafting. When replacing a parking sensor Citroen the effort is less and the mounting hole is available. A defective parking sensor Citroen needs to be changed. You may need a second man to dismantle the bumper. The parking sensor Citroen plug-in system allows quick connection and the Parktronic parking aid is again fully efficient. Overcoating the parking sensor Citroen plastic sensors is no problem, for the perfect car look. Perfect parking sensor Citroen Jumper pick up truck.

Functions and Notes PDC parking sensor Citroen

Complex parking sensor with Citroen C-crosser parking sensor and reversing camera require automatic radio suppression. The car radio switches off automatically to clarify the distance signals of the parking sensor Citroen warning buzzer. An intervention in the car electronics is required when installing the PDC parking sensor. Here is the best to visit a car repair shop. For one thing, the layman may possible connect something wrong and paralyse the on-board electronics and cause extra costs. In addition, the parking sensor Citroen transmission may be faulty and possible parking damage is inevitable.

Further complications arise when using additional front sensors that serve in modern assistance systems in addition to the function as a parking sensor Citroen as well as distance meter when driving for the minimum distance to the previously driving vehicle. An adjustment to the speed regulation is required and here is the expert to the installation the better choice.


Install Checklist PDC parking sensor Citroen

Before installing the parking sensor Citroen parking aid, please note the following
- Thinking about how comfortable you want to park with PDC parking sensor in the future
- With or without rear view camera, for optimal overview to the rear
- Automatic radio shutdown for better warning signal recording
- Warning when driving too close with parking aid front sensors (function limited to low speed)
- Check the preferred parking sensor parking system for retrofitting for availability in your own car (OEM part number, contace Electronicx customer service)

Install the parking sensor Citroen parking assisant
- Simple parking sensor Citroen PTS systems for the rear, which do not turn off the radio, require little expertise in the installation
- You have opted for a single parky system Citroen parking sensor without radio connectivity (recommended installation as a hobby thinkerer)
- With front sensors and PDC parking sensor Citroen reversing warner, which are also connected to the radio. Here we recommend to let install the parking sensor by a specialist workshop.

Look for affordable offers at Electronicx in the PDC parking sensor Onlineshop. Buy quality distance warning to change with parking sensor Citroen hassle free and without bumping reverse parking.
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