Parksensor Honda

Ultrasonic sensors parking sensor Honda for parking vehicles 

For years, ultrasonic sensors Honda have been used in a variety of automotive applications. The PDC parking sensor Honda is primarily used to prevent damage to you car due to house walls curbs or other vehicles.

Characteristics of ultrasonic parking sensor Honda

The ultrasonic signal is an extremely high frequency acoustic wave that is not audible for the human ear. Since the human audible frequency range is between 20 Hz and 20 KHz, the ultrasonic generates an acoustic wave range of over 20 KHz. Bats with their echolocation system (quasi the biological ultrasound radar) can hear sounds of up to 200 Hz, far beyond the maximum capability of the human hearing.

Ultrasound has several ingenious features wherefore it is now used in many electronic applications. First, it is inaudible to humans and therefore unrecognizable to the user and extremely helpful. Second, ultrasonic waves can be directed in certain directions. Third, they are a kind of compression vibration in the air. However, the propagnation speed is much lower than that of light or radio waves.

At fascinating speeds, however, ultrasonic signals still move in the air at a good 340 meters per second,  similar to other sounds from the environment. The times an ultrasonic wave takes to travel ten centimeters is about three milliseconds, as opposed to 3.3 nanoseconds for light and radio waves. This allows a measurement of distances using slower signal processing.

Ultrasonic sensors for parking with parking sensor Honda

Using the example of the parking sensor, the term sonar is rolled up anew. Often known from U-Boot films, so primarily from the field of shipping. Sonar is an acronym for sound navigation and is also called radar. It is used to determine distances or a direction to an object, as a basis, the time is used for the determination or calculation basis. The time interval that a sound wave takes to get back to the sensor will ultimately give the exact distance to the object.

An ultrasonic sensor is basically a type of speaker or microphone that a person cannot hear. On the basis of the distance determination parking sensor Honda works via ultrasonic signals to send and receive again. Parking system PDC parking sensor Honda are equipped with the sensor type that both receive and transmit. First, the ultrasonic sensors in automobiles were used solely to detect obstacles. In the meanwhile, they are used for backwards parking and installed in automatic parking system that are refered to parking assistant installed.

Examples of parking sensor in vehicle assistance system for parking.

These parking aids control the steering, acceleration and braking completely automatically, based on the parking zone and location information, which is determined by the ultrasonic sensor. In this way, a higher comfort is achieved, for example, for parking transversely or in the naroow garage. In the basic equipment are two or four ultrasonic sensors installed in the rear bumpers. The number is depending on the condition and width of the car. The parking aids detects obstacles in a distance of about two to three meters. With radar sensors it is even further.  

Distance are communicated to the driver in real time over various intervals through the warning sound output. Even a chain link fence will easily detect the parking aid with parking senor Honda and warn you. The main characteristics of ultrasonic sensor are directivity, postwinging time, sensititivy and sound pressure. The directivity of an ultrasonic parking sensor Honda corresponds to the size and shape of the vibrating surface, which emits the ultrasound and the frequency in which the vibration sequence takes place. A significantly narrower directivity is achieved by a higher frequency, however, if the size remains the same, on increases at a constant frequency.

The technical subtleties nowadays also make it possible to make smaller objects recognizable. By using higher frequencies and selecting a suitable amplifier, even near-ground objects such as high curbs or flower tubs can be reflected. On the other hand, a narrower vertical directivity improves the parking sensor Honda in detection a larger area.

More motor vehicles equipped with parking sensor Honda parking aid

In the meantime, more than half of all new vehicles in Europe, Asia and the USA are equipped with distance warning technology. The PDC parking sensor Honda distance warning technology continues to gain in popularity. In the future, many more vehicles will be equipped with parking beepers.

The installation in bumpers of used cars is also extremely attractive. The costs for acquisition are manageable. You want to extend your vehicle with a parking aid and PDC parking sensor Honda. Retrofitting on your own is easily possible and can be done without a mechanic, as long as you have some knowledge of the car body and auto electrical. The PDC parking sensor Honda replacement sensors are quickly inserted through simple plug & play clip mounting and connected to the on-board system through plug-in systems. Parking with our parking sensor Honda modules will be easier and more convenient. The use of ultrasonic sensors prevent expensive parking damages and improves your steering movements.

Bad weather affects the distance measurement with parking sensor Honda

Proper handling of PDC parking sensor Honda safety sensors on your car when snow and ice adversely affect the sensor technology. This modern and important safety systems are not really helpful if you as the driver yourself do not have an overview about the parking scenario. If snow, ice and muddy salt mixture are collected on the car in winter, the parking sensor Honda unit may not be able to properly operate the ultrasonic measurement. The safety system is blocked or provides incorrect measurement data, which can lead to scratches during reverse parking.

This is only the case with an integrated collision warning system that allows a proper safety distance to have enough space to the front vehicle. This life-saving function works with radar sensors mounted, for example, in the radiator grille of your car, or in the direct logo of your car brand. Sometimes also integrated in the front bumper sensors. This parking sensor Honda technology absolutely needs a free bumper without thick layer of snow for accurate distance measurement by reflecting ultrasonic signals. The installation location is different from car manufaturers. Sometimes the sensors installation in the grill is better suited, because here snow or ice deposition is almost impossible.

Other car manufacturers prefer the installation directly into the bumper, from here is a more accurate measurement possible. The parking sensor Honda sends from here its distance directly from the outer point of the vehicle. A protruding area is thus excluded and the parking sensor Honda covers the maximum space in front of or behind the car.

The advantage with PDC parking sensor Honda when parking and reversing.

If you're wondering whether you need a PDC parking sensor Honda or not, the answer is yes. Be sure to try a Park Distance Control (PDC) parking sensor Honda System will bring your substantial benefits. Once you enjoy easy reverse parking you can not do without it.

Safe parking is best possible with this device. Park comfortably and safely in every small town in the narrowest parking space. The parking system is designed to alert you to other parked cars and various objects due to Park sensor Honda warning sounder. With its high quality complex construction the system is able to detect any obstacle that is out of sight of you. These PDC parking sensors come as a kind of kit that can be installed in no time. High quality products at resonable prices are available for you in our Electronicx Online-shop for car electronics. Built-in sensor or complete retrofit kit, our sets are easy to use and install. You can choose any equipment according to your own requirement. As a car driver, you are the only person who knows what's best for you car and your driving experience. And more comfort to park forwards and backwards will always be helpful.

The main advantage of this parking system is that it activates the PDC parking sensor Honda collision warning system as soon as you park your car. You activate the reverse gear in automatic transmissions of your vehicle and the parking sensor Honda switches on. It's like having an extra pair of eyes in your back. No more head angling when reversing with parking sensor Honda, every motorist will maneuver and park with ease. The risk of being involved in car accidents when parking is considerably reduced. By reflection of the ultrasonic waves from the parking sensor Honda towards the obstacle forms the basis of the distance calculation. The ultrasound signals are converted into sound intervals via the PDC control unit, which warn the driver about the buzzer in front of an object. Nearby objects are indicated by beeps. The parking sensor Honda distance warner help here excellently to dodge objects or stop on time. The car is retrofitted with bumper sensors, here perferably the intern speakers are to be connected.

The warning sound output of the parking sensor Honda via the car radio inceased the frequency and interval speed when the driver approaches a certain object by car. A continuous warning tone indicates that the dangerous object is really close and that the car has immediatly to stop.

There are other safety related and mounting parking sensor Honda benefits. For example, you do not need extra holes in your car bumper.  This Radar PDC parking sensor is equipped with an adhesive fixture which can be mounted on any place at the cars surface, at best at the bumpers side. You do not need any tools to install this parking aid Radar parking sensor Honda.

For retrofitting ultrasonic sensors, a drill is the only thing you need beside a screwdriver and the Honda parking sensor. You will not need professional help. With some technical skills the PDC parking sensors are an easy excercise. The installation of an ultrasonic parking aid requires a helper hand to dismantle the bumpers.

Original Equipment OEM PDC parking sensor Honda

All PDC parking sensors are best OEM original equipment manufacturer quality. Each vehicle is provided with its own OEM parking number in order to buy the custom-fit spare part PDC parking sensor Honda for your car in the online-shop.

Simply in narrowest parking spaces with parking sensor Honda

The parking sensor Honda is considered to be one of the most important parts of your car as sensor technology prevents you from getting into trouble. This PDC parking sensor Honda unit receives a signal and react in a specific way to warn the driver by means of warning sound output parking aid. The parking sensor Honda was developed so that you can park your beloved car backwards in the crowded and narrow inner city areas without damage. No need to worry about your safety and car paint, this Honda parking sensor will help you to improve your driving experience.
The parking sensor Honda can also facilitate parking in a dark parking lot. With this simplification to the parking procedure even the narrowest parking areas can be conquered by the parking sensor Honda. If you have installed this parking system on your car, you can permanently avoid parking damages. With PDC parking sensor Honda you prevent other cars from damaging when you're trying to find your way into the tightest gap at an fully parked parking lot. PDC parking sensor parking aid is a gain for your vehicle, because this amazing parking sensor Honda makes many parking scenarios safer. This park Assist parking sensor Honda helps to park easily and is easy to integrate into the car. 

It will not demand any extra investment and the time factor to install the Honda parking sensor is easily to calculate. Decide if a radar sensor parking system is sufficient without holes in the bumpers or rather ultrasonic parking aid with PDC parking sensor Honda. Precise holes are drilled in the car to use the PDC assembly in no time at all.The parking sensor Honda units can be repainted without problems by spray paint in the original color.

With radar your vehicle remains one hundred percent in its original form. Drill holes for damping are inevitably required for installation of ultrasonic sensors in a used car. In both cases, parking will become a safer affair that will give you more overview. Even the narrowest spots will no longer be a challenge with the Honda parking sensor. Any car equipped with the Honda Accord Collision Warning parking sensor will successfully master tight parking situation without having a scratch at other cars and having to pay expensive repair costs. The driver will no longer have to look over his shoulder and dislocate his head in order to smoothly park the car backwards without a parking bump. With parking sensor Honda Civic you get the necessary time and perspective to make smart decisions. In our Electronic Online-shop you buy PDC parking sensor Honda at affordable prices of high quality workmanship. Each parking sensor Honda is made of sturdy plastic and is delivered primed.

Therefore, when purchasing a complete parking system or a retrofit system, you get a bit more security for your vehicle. The advantage of the radar-based parking sensor Honda modules lies in the high range and preservation of the original shape of the car. They make no external changes to the car by the installation. In both versions, provide the skill to park safe and easy. Prevent future stupid car accidents and an increase in the insurance premium through the accumulation of minor damage.

The parking sensor Honda helps to reduce damage when parking, although there is no real evidence, since the introduction fo PDC parking sensor the number of accidents in parking lots has dropped significantly. Only the knowledge that this parking support with warning buzzer parking sensor Honda is to their disposal, gives motorists a safer feeling.
In the meanwhile, studies show that the frequency of damage in collision on parking areas with damage to motor vehicles has fallen by more than five percent. Without parking sensor Honda parking aid the damages are compared to other vehicles 17 percent higher. In summary, this means you can use PDC parking sensor Honda to reduce claims by a good twenty percent, according to statistics. Tests have also shown that drivers without reversing sensors and warning signals would have missed the respective obstacle. Parking assistance are a useful tool. You can improve the visibility around the vehicle and even perceive obstacles in the blind spot area through PDC parking sensors.

Parking aids and their different technology such as parking sensor Honda, can help solving some age-related problems. Older people often have difficulty turning their heads and here such simple functions of Honda parking helps older drivers to integrate a bit more comfort into their driving habits. Although the older generation is often skeptical about renewals, but the acceptance of parking sensor Honda distance warnings is extremely high among proven drivers. Once used no car driver wants, whether young or old do without the comfort of a parking aid with parking sensor Honda.

Avoiding scratches on the rear bumper

Rear view cameras help drivers to see more behind. Rear view cameras are extremely effective especially in combination with Honda parking sensor. Detection of objects while reversing gets better with the help of Honda parking sensor and reversing camera. In the future, avoid panicking in critical parking situations and benefit from the progress of the auto industry every time you park. Additional camera units in conjunction with the Honda parking sensor allow drivers to recognize early moving hazards such as pedestrians, cyclists and inline skaters. You will quickly learn to love complex parking aids and reverse camera unit and appreciate the benefits accordingly.
On the reversing camera display you can recognize children very well. Similarly in the parking lot in front of the supermarket perceive a badly recognizable shopping cart and thus prevent an impact.

The risk when resetting in poorly visible areas with plenty of "blind zones" to drive over a personon is high. In your own drive way may be a shovel or another forgotten object that you definitely would not have recognized without parking sensor Honda or rear view camera. In particular, increasingly popular vans and pick-up models can hardly recognize the first few meters behind the vehicle. Here parking sensor Honda distance warning devices are inevitable to avoid permanently jostles in the parking procedure or worse.

The operation of PDC parking sensor Honda collision warning

The PDC parking sensor parking lot parking sensor Honda parking system activates itself as soon as the reverse gear is engaged in the vehicle. The parking sensor Honda distance warning devices can detect obstacles at the back of the car and help to park backwards, as front sensors do in the same way forwards.

PDC parking sensor are mounted on the back of the vehicle to transmit and receive ultrasonic waves. From your car, the transmitted ultrasound waves bounce off obstacles (are reflected) and get converted into warning tones via the PDC control unit, which acoustically transmit distances to the driver. The warning buzzer of the Honda parking sensor increases the frequency successively the more you approach your car to an object.

If the warning buzzer changes into a permanent beeping, the distance is extremely small, depending on the parking aid not more than thirty centimeters. Parking sensor Honda accessory kits come with everything you need for comfortable and safe reverse parking with your vehicle. You will be delighted with a little practice and cope with every narrowparking space.

What does the parking assistance parking sensor Honda offer for masterful reverse parking?

A central control unit for converting all distance measurement determined by reflection

- Good quality PDC parking sensor Honda modules (bumper sensors)
- According to model a buzzer and additional digital display to the reversing sensor (built-in sensor)
- High-quality parking aids are eqipped with night vision cameras that allow an excellent view even in the dark behind the vehicle.

The range in our assortment for car accessories is great, the correct parking sensor Honda is also on offer for your Accord or Civic.

Important to the PDC parking assistance: The parking sensor Honda distance measurers can experience at any time a technical change and be offered with new features at our Electronicx Online-shop.

Optimal parking with the PDC parking sensor Hond parking aid

Maximized profitability, accurated parking and cost saving by eliminating expensive repairs of scratches on your own vehicle. At the same time, many small sheet metal damages increase your annual insurance premium due to frequent use of the services in the event of trivial damage. And this will cost a pretty penny. The deductible causes higher costs due to damages on parked cars. 

More modern parking aids with PDC parking sensor Honda and front sensors are often used to keep the minimum distance to previous vehicles while driving. This way, the driver will keep the distance perfectly in slow-moving traffic and brakes in time. Aligning on tight parking spaces means that the eye must be directed all around to prevent bumping at the front and back. Refined parking sensor Honda technology makes parking in all parking lots much easier. The shunting into a free parking niche is clearer and succeeds significantly faster with PDC parking sensor Honda.

Parking PDC parking sensor Honda order from your dealer for car parts
Enjoy the advantages of buying PDC parking sensor in the Electronicx Online-shop:
- Innovations in the best quality for your vehicle, powerful parking sensor Honda modules
- Reliable and with high durability, use the advantages of your parking aid
- Professionalism in every detail, built-in sensors for autonomous parking steering systems including parking sensor Honda
- Accuracy in the detection of obstacles
- Exact distance measurement and maximum comfort when parking forwards and backwards in every situation

Information about radar technology parking aid with parking sensor Honda built-in sensors:
- Give your used cars more security with a small budget by parking sensor honda
- Install parking sensor Honda easily without dismantling the bumper / fender.
- Parking sensor Honda is a lightweight and installation requries maximum minimal technical effort
- Retrofit kit from the online-shop including all necessary components for your parking sensor Honda. CR-V distance control system
- Parking sensor Honda is not recognizable (Installation takes places below the bumpers, no drillng required)

Disadvantage Radar parking sensor Honda

- Heavy snowfall and heavy showers strongly weaken the radar signal, the determination of distance values may be falsified.
- Snow on the bumper or running water from many rainwater causes error messages from the parking aid that can easily irritate the driver (one of the most common errors with radar sensor Honda)
- Problems arise due to the distance sensor technology of the radar signals, this has no spectral properties for processing the measurement variables (again and again problems occur with high humidity and topography)


The city centers of large metropolises and even smaller district towns are hard for drivers, especially at peak times. If weekly markets or a festivals, Chistmas markets, the parking situations are absolute chaotic. The offer of free parking is virtually absent. Parking spaces in multi-storey car parks are reluctantly used by many drivers. The main reasons are fear to leave the DNA of the own car at one of the narrow accesses between the individual parking levels and the following high repair costs. Parking with sight-blocking buttresses does not exactly enhance the parking pleasure.

Help is provided by intelligent parking aids. With parking sensor Honda maneuvering into tight parking spaces becomes a playful, easy task. Park without parking sensor Honda backwards across a narrow parking niche, needs a lot of practice. Nevertheless, with the curren traffic volume, no experienced motorist ist free of causing a bump during the parking procedure. Innovative solutions create completely new options for space-saving parking facilities so that you can park many vehicles in the smallest spaces. One of the most modern and latest technologies combines parking garage and technology together. Passive puzzle parking systems provide individual moving parking spaces. Here, the vehicle is parked on a narrow parking space, which is transported by a parking computer to an available space.

Useful helpers to reverse parking longitudinally in transverse parking spaces have been offered parking sensor Honda collision detectors. Additionally for advanced parking assistance they are offered with additional reversing cameras. The driver gets the opportunity to park quickly and, above all, scratch-free without these advanced helpers. Often it is difficult to see what is going on behind the car. On the one hand, a dense layer of snow prevents you from looking back when you park out, even if you have removed all the icing. The ultrasonic PDC parking sensor Honda will provide you with correct distance data despite bad weather conditions. Of course, in the last analysis, you are responsible for everything as a driver, so you should take a look back in the worst case and lower the window to the last hedge if necessary.

In this way, you can consistently avoid parking damage. For optimal orientation when reversing in tight situations, the obstacle reflection of the ultrasonic waves helps very well.

The driver gets exact information about all the dangers behind the motor vehicle. He gets the opportunity by the warning sound output of the PDC parking sensor Honda warning sounder to respond accordingly. Objects and people can easily be avoided. In the Online-shop by Electronicx, you only buy top quality from complete parking aids universal up to high quality plastic retrofit sensors. Each replacement comes primed in best workmanship and is painted in the original look of your vehicle with parking sensor Honda.

Depending on the complexity and installation location, it is often sufficient to have a car paint spray can in the vehicle color in order to repaint the built-in sensor. So it is no problem to retrofit cheaply a PDC parking sensor Honda in the original color! When parking sensor pressed by rear-end collision, this is usually the cheapest option. In the online-shop for spare parts, our trained staff in the vehicle accessories live chat, via e-mail or on the customer hotline will be happy to help. For questions about which PDC parking sensor Honda NSX is the best suitable. You are guaranteed to find the right PDC parking sensor Honda in the online-shop and will appreciate the advice and warranty.

Perfect parking sensor Honda replacement sensors buy high quality workmanship at affordable prices. You will find suitable spare parts for all car brands in the Electronicx Onlneshop. PDC parking sensor Honda from Japanese vehicle models buy accessories directly from the dealer for car electrics and automotive bulbs. High-quality xenon burners, car lamps and all equipment for safe and clear parking. Damage free backwards in every parking bay with parking sensor Honda.