Parksensor Jaguar

Benefits of parking sensor parking PDC parking sensor Jaguar

Positive aspects for the PDC parking sensor to park forwards and backwards: Working drivers such as chauffeurs and field workers spend more than half of their lives behind the wheel every day and for many years. With the help of PDC sensors Park Sensor Jaguar is an exact overview of what is immedately behind the vehicle permanently possible. As a field service employees or parcel deliverer, the driver sits the most time in cars or vans. The longer the day is, th greater the risk of accidents. The smart parking sensors Jaguar mounted in the bumpers of the vehicle, reduce the accident statistic numbers when reversing. The reversing alarms serve as a valuable additional protective measurment for professional drivers help to manage high-stress situations.

Repairing paint scratches on the vehicle can be expensive, especially for top-of-the range models. Vehicle parking sensor Jaguar protects the luxurious bodywork from damage and prevents accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. Elegant reverse parking with the ultrasonic transducer sensor Jaguar and protecting of the luxurious high class car body.

Advanced radio transmission with small errors

PDC parking sensors have revolutionized the installation of Jaguar parking sensor in bumpers. In the meanwhile, even wireless parking sensor Jaguar modules are available in the auto parts trade. Direct wiring of the sensor control unit to the display or warning buzzer is no longer necessary for this solution. This is done by digital transmission via radio signals, but the cable itself is not completely removed. The on-board power supply is still to be connected with the PTS parking sensor. Nevertheless, a great effort is eliminated and the installation of front and rear sensors is a breeze. However, the parking aids with the Jaguar radio parking sensors are not the best solution, because the transmission is prone to failure.

Parking sensors Jaguar let you park in an elegant way!

The Jaguar parking sensor increases the safety when reversing and reduces damage or collision due to the risk of unseen objects. In reverse, each parking aid parking sensor Jaguar gets automatically activated. When activated, an acoustic warning tone sounds via the signal transmitter. The frequency is increasing when approaching an obstacle. In addition, a display is offered in many parking systems, the driver has the option to follow each parking scenario schematically.

Avoid car accidents with parking sensor Jaguar

Recent studies show two out of ten motorist have to endure a car accident each year. And the trends are rising. Accidents happen every year, especially when reversing.  some traffic accidents can be prevented.

What helps a motorist to prevent accidents?

The first rule is always to drive with commonsensical and to follow the road rules. In the first place is basically the mutual consideration in the traffic. Pay attention to the road and watch carefully what other drivers are doing and how you can react if necessary. Be sure to always wear your seatbelt, misbehavior may be expensive and your safety standards can be greatly reduced. Also avoid distractions just when reversing with parking sensor Jaguar warning sounder. Stay away from your smartphone, iPod, iPhone while searching a parking space. Do not write text messages while you are driving and not when you are parking. You should also refrain to use MP3 music streaming when reversing.

Carry out regularly the maintenance for your car and check the parking sensor Jaguar warning sounder from time to time. If the warning signals beep in the usual manner, everything is all right. Let check your brakesbregularly from a specialist workshop to optimize your safety standards. In heavy rain aquaplanning can lead to dangerous and unsatisfactory grip. To avoid parking accidents, be sure having checked the rear PDC parking sensor Jaguar parking sensor on the bumpers of your vehicle.

Don't you have a parking assistant Jaguar in your car?

Cheap offers await you in your Electronicx Online-Shop for car accessories. Reversing detector parking sensor Jaguar will inform you if there is another vehicle, subject or person behind the car.

Car accidents - causes and preventive measures

Traffic accidents that caused injuries have been an unpleasant side-effect practically since the invention of automobiles.
The first recorded injury due to a traffic accident occured in 1869. An Irish woman names Mary Ward was thrown out of the stream engine-driver car. She drove straight into an extremely deep fairway that stopped the vintage car abruptly. Without a seatbelt, the young woman flew head over her vehicle. The car drove on and literally crushed the lady. Her serious injuries caused an immediate death.

There are also positive news, that despite rising accidents with fatalities, the number has been halved in the past 25 years. This is primarily because both governments and car manufactureres place more emphasis on safety. The standard use of airbags contributes significantly to the reduction of serious injuries and death from frontal rear-end collsions. Extension to the safety measures even brought airbags for the side of the vehicle to intercept side crashes.

In Europe, the numbers of road deaths continue to decline. In the United States, on the other hand, injuries and deaths on the road are increasing. The causes have an different origin. One reason is the increased unauthorized use of mobile devices while driving. On the other hand is the factor of larger trucks and SUV models relevant. Similar Jeep models like vans and minivans offer a poorer circumspection around the vehicle, which quickly leads to sheet metal damage without PDC parking sensors. Restricted visibility is compensated with the parking sensor Jaguar F-Pace or for parking sensor E-Pace, to better park the SUV of the British car manufacturer.

Many technical aids are used to prevent car accidents. Increasingly, the parking sensor Jaguar is used to control minimum distances. The additional function is provided by front sensors in addition to the sensor-controlled parking aid. This progress only serves to reduce injuries and serious road traffic accidents. The Jaguar parking sensor is an effective distance tool that helps human steering control to avoid parking damages. Modern cars and trucks are equipped with airbags and more and more distance sensors are used for control.

By interval warning tones the driver gets warned of obstacles. Whether parking in reverse or in slow-moving traffic, the parking sensor Jaguar technology reduces sustainably damages to the car paint. In many European countries, there has been a significant decline in accident situations. Accidents, both in collisions between vehicles as well as in parking were reduced by means of PDC parking sensors.

Another approach to accident prevention concerns two other areas that lead to distraction and to serious car accidents. Mobile phones are increasing the road traffic risks due to high distraction playing music or do phone calls while driving. In the Online-Shop you will find handsfree adapters for music streamming. Older citizens also pose a greater risk of accident situations. Especially for parking situations head luxations are painful and often obstacles are overlooked. Also the eyes are no longer the best in some cases. Parking systems with parking sensor Jaguar and additional reversing camera help to remedy this situation. You can ensure a clear overview of what is happening behind the vehicle without dislocation of the head. With all your experience from countless years on the road, parking in reverse will be a nuisance in the narrowest spaces. Stay concentrated and pay attention for avoiding acidents. This will make it easier to park in narrow parking spaces, especially while using the parking assistance PDC parking sensor Jaguar.

Parking assistance parking sensorJaguar and rear view camera options

Does your vehicle have several blind spots and you are desperate during parking process now and then? Easier parking systems for your noble body with parking sensor Jaguar or a rear view camera. The combination of both parking system provides the ultimate in safety when reversing. You can easily visualize what is hidden behind the vehicle. The useful tool to avoid scratching when parking sensor Jaguar is not pre-installed in older models. With the high-quality parking aid parking sensor Jaguar retrofit, a decent amount of comfort will expand your vehicle. Expansion options with reversing cameras are available as an optional accessory in the aftermarket. Our large Online-Shop range offers sensors and other car accessories for larger vehicles such as campers, SUVs, trucks and small cars.

On the aftermarket rear-view cameras, LCD monitors Jaguar parking sensors and complete parking systems are available for all kinds of vehicles, including sedans. Parking assistance parking sensor Jaguar XJ or S-type vehicles models are available at affordable prices. The categories of spare parts with parking sensor Jaguar and parking assistance reversing cameras is comprehensive. The installation in the bumpers is usually executed by uncomplicated clip assembly. Exceptions are cameras and various sensor systems which are mounted, for example, in fenders, license plate bracket or rear window. Parking sensor Jaguar works with ultrasound signals or radar waves depending on the model.

Benefit and functions are basically the same in all technical differences of the PDC Parking Sensor Jaguar units. The application is used to detect objects around the vehicle and to warn you if you get to close to your vehicle.

Some Parktronic parking aids with PDC parking sensor Jaguar offer a visual display on the audible warning sound output. With existing on-board computer a connection is possible or an installation of a further monitor in the cockpit is needed. The interface in the center console is the best solution for a stylish integration. Cheaper versions with display and parking sensor Jaguar are optionally installed in the dashboard area. With adhesive surface it gets mounted directly on the dashboard or on the windscreen. The installation matching the vehicle interior also creates an value increase of your car.

An easy-to-install version of reversing camera is glued to the rear window or stuck in the license plate holder. The image is transmitted by radio to a small screen, which is mounted directly under the rear window.

PDC parking sensor for your Jaguar to park easier
Parking sensor Jaguar and rear view cameras are used for simplification in parking, also an advantage is the ultimate assistance in reverse parking in parallel bays with following traffic. The combination of all existing technologies for easy reverse parking has led to the next generation of modern motorists. Cars that park themselves are the future! There is no doubt, you can easily retrofit your used car with parking sensor Jaguar.

You are considering to increase the safety factor in your British car. The parking sensor Jaguar is a perfect solution. Warning buzzers generate an interval tone that warns of objects around the vehicle. Even more safety is provided by the special equipment of a reversing camera. This technical assistance can be relied on, by acoustic warning signals. The driver's attention is extremely increasing. Real-time pictures on the monitor shows everything behind you and you can adjust your steering wheel to suit your situation.

Rear view cameras are usually mounted on the back of the vehicle, unless they are side-mounted camera units. Wide-angle camera lenses provide a viewing angle that reveals everything up to the bumper of your car. Equipped with the ingenious highlight, to be able to see the road diagonally aligned from behind. Children and objects are always in view with double protection parking sensor Jaguar and rear view camera.

The car equipment with such camera system and PDC parking sensor Jaguar has the best potential to avoid accident when reversing. With parking sensor vehicle parking sensor Jaguar you reduce the accident risk when reverse parking many times. No more garage visits to repair unfavorable shunting damage, only for maintenance you should better represent with your vehicle. Repairing paint scratches, re-painting and painting costs a lot of time. Your car is unused to the meachanic and causes costs. Last but not least, you need to finance a rented car to be able to work at all.

All these hidden and damn annoying costs can be saved by investing in the parking sensor Jaguar retrofit. Reversing sensor PDC parking sensor Jaguar parking assistant is designed to be able to guarantee its performance in any weather. This is a preference to a rear-view camera image parking aid. Through a layer of snow or frozen silt caused by ice or sleet, the reversing camera will not always provide accurate footage. Car camera systems are significantly more weather-sensitive in this respect than parking sensor Jaguar.

Rear-view cameras have another adverse effect, though the low position of the sun may cause a reflection and nothing can be seen on the on-board monitor. In fog or torrential rainfall, the visibility of the camera image is also negatively affected. Therefore, both parking systems are a perfect complement to each other. Finally, you should not rely exclusively on your parking aid parking sensor Jaguar equipment. The decisive factor is that you can use your driving skills and the sensor-controlled parking aid as helpful support. Nothing replaces the responsibility of the driver and common sense to prevent serious traffic and parking accidents.

Play street, residential area, garage entrance parking sensor Jaguar

Driving safety is a very demanding task for every driver and especially for parents of toddlers. Even if you watch the kids closely, it's hard to react fast enough. Some of the most devastating accidents with children were seen in access roads in esidential areas. Lowest speeds or sufficient and different suffer from bad injuries. The children can not access the danger. Driving off a child when driving backwards causes severe and permanent physical and brain injuries in the worst case. Lasting damage from child hood due to careless driversare extremely tragic.

Parking sensors Jaguar ultrasonic transducers with reversing camera increase safety and provide the driver with a better overview. In the large parking lot of a shopping area kids like to play around and control is difficult. The driver is drained after shopping and his senses clouded to have everything in view when parking backwards and the distractions of bill boards, parked cars and shopping trolleys relenlessly weaks the concentration. In such cases, accidents that would have been avoided with the Jaguar parking sensor quickly occur.

Similarily, when maneuvering in front of the school or kindergarden, children can jump out of the bushes and be overlooked. The same applies to housing estates and parking lots near the playground, special care is required here. The construction of numerous new car models shows just when looking behind hardly anything. Here the driver must be able to rely on his instincts and is depending on the technical aids. Parking aids for SUV models with parking sensor Jaguar control the gift around the car.

Ensure more safety with every parking procedure and protect children:
- a greater awareness of the danger
- follow the basic safety rules
- Parents should be vigilant for their own safety and keep children away from exits and busy roads.
- The safety of children is particularly vulnerable in the following two categories
- be hit by a car or run over
Prevent your child being hit in the driveway! One third of the children under the age of six are involved in car accidents were injured in their parents' yard, parking lots and driveways.

In the childhood of one to two years the biggest danger in the own entrance to the propery is to overlook the own child. How often is a planter, letterbox or wheelbarrow approaches, a child falls in the same order of magnitude. A parking sensor Jaguar will not prevent this alone, your personal attention span basically has to be sharpened while driving as well as when parking.
The car is usually parked in and out carefully to prevent it from scratches. However, there is always the possibility that a child or object is in a blind spot. Therefore, use today's technology with camera systems and parking sensor Jaguar distance warnings to maximize your personal safety standards. Even a slow car will cause serious injury to a child, therefore it is to take high attention while reversing. 

State-of-the-art hatchback vehicles like the Xk or XE absolutely need PDC parking sensor collision warning. Most models of this type have large blind spots just behind the car. This reduces the risk especially when reversing and involves the risk of serious personal injury. Even cars with PDC parking sensor or a reversing camera can not always detect a small child, and it is often too late when the driver reacts. Use the technique parking sensor as an aid. Your own driving behaviour is, however, crucial to avoid accidents. Nothing can replace parental supervision as a primary safety solution for children. The practice observation of our children is quite a challenge. However, it is better to face the challenge than to suffer the lasting, often devastating consequences.

Blind posts of the rear side
Especially within urban areas, the parking situation is becoming increasingly difficult. Often it is necessary to maneuver the car in extremely narrow parking lots. Take advantage of the chance to squeeze into small vacant parking spaces. 
The parking aids from the British island with parking sensor Jaguar help the driver to maneuver in tight spaces without faltering. You will be less stressed out by the simplicity of acoustic and optical parking aids with warning buzzer Jaguar parking sensor for exact distance indication of the obstacles.

The most important elements of the Park Distance Control (PDC) are ultrasonic sensors. Up to six sensors are located in the rear bumpers. More complex parking aids are additionally equipped with parking sensor Jaguar in the front bumpers. Thanks to the combination of parking sensor and electronics in robust form, the ultrasonic sensors are known for their compact design. For this reason, and the fact that they can be painted in the original color of the car, they are barely visible. The exchange and installation is an ease and therefore it is highly recommended to replace pressed in and damaged parking sensors immediately.

The individual parking sensor Jaguar built-in sensors monitor a different range of two meters and more according to the model. The installed version of parking sensor Jaguar depends on vehicle sizes and year of construction. If you buy the parking sensors in an Online-shop you need the OE part number of your vehicle. Like the majority of all parking systems, the ultrasonic distance measurement is activated when reverse gear is engaged. According to the model, the connection takes place automatically from a speed of 15 kilometers per hour. A special mechanism for driving in tight parking garages and parking lots of shopping malls with high turnover.

Function of PDC parking sensor Jaguar

The system of this form of parking aid uses the principle of echosounder. Imitated by the bat that finds its way this way. A fixed PDC control unit continuously controls the parking sensor Jaguar units. Each Jaguar parking sensor transmits and receives an ultrasonic signal at a frequency of 40 kilohertz (kHz). The controller switches the function of the Jaguar parking sensor from transmittng to receiving as soon as an object is detected. In this way, an exact reflecting of sound waves and the resulting distance determination is possible. Based on the transitted time of the reflected ultrasonic waves. This is the time elapsed between the transmission of the signal and the reception. The parking system calculates how far the respective Jaguar parking sensor is from the obstacle. The warning sound output occurs according to the intervals in the interior of the vehicle. The control unit calculates the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle based on the information of at least two PDC parking sensors.

Safe parking with automatic obstacle detection of parking sensors

The best way to protect your car when reversing is to install a Jaguar parking sensor. At the same time, the reverse parking sideways gets a joyous task without stress and with more clarity. Adding an extra rear-view camera to the Jaguar parking sensor will help you get the most out of it. Everything that happens behind the bumper can be tracked and responded appropriately. Unintentional parking bumps are avoidable because you know what's behind your car. Sure is, the parking sensor Jaguar does not bring salvation but makes backward parking a lot easier.

It is almost impossible to see all the details when reversing behind your car. Threading backwards into the parking niche will often lead to a torture due to a limited field of vision. The mirrors on the vehicle and the shape of the stern often do not allow a view to the rear. It will be extremely difficult to detect small or low objects. A raised curb is enough and the sill has a new unwanted ornamentation. Repairs are costly and scarring in the beloved aluminium rims are hard to cover.

Reversing without a view is no good idea, that's why parking sensor Jaguar offer an improvement. Despite poor visibility, you can be warned about objects and adjust your steering movements. With a rear-view camera the parking sensor Jaguar equipment bring you more insight in all parking maneuvers. As a car owner you have the option to install front sensors to your parking sensor Jaguar reversing alarms for optimal protection around your car.

You do not have free view to the rear of the car?

You simply drive on, risking deliberately damaging your vehicle and other parked cars. With the Jaguar parking sensor reverse parking becomes considerably easier, with more overview and permanent saving of high painting costs. The use of automatic obstacle detection does not completely replace your eyes, but makes parking much easier. Rear view detector Park Sensors Jaguar act as a second pair of eyes directly in the bumpers of your car.

As a bumper sensor can be installed without much effort and the ingenious technology will improve your driving behavior a lot. For every driver it is an absolute gain to recognize objects behind the car. In order to get an accurate warning of the possible impact on the frequency of the sound intervals in relation to the distance.

As a rule, a reversing sensor is installed in different numbers according to the shape and width of the vehicle model. The standard version of parking aid parking sensor Jaguar is in the rear bumpers and serve only to park backwards. A useful parking tool that gives you more reaction time to respond to potential hazards. When reversing with a car, it's too easy to miss small objects behind the car. If suddenly a child emerges, you undoubtedly have had more than a fright. prude With a parking sensor Jaguar reversing sensor on the back of your car, you will park more prudently backwards. Studies have repeatedly proven that drivers with parking sensor are often more focused. Protect the health of the little and vulnerable road users with PDC parking sensor Jaguar.

Parking assistance parking sensor Jaguar retrofit
Basically, when reflection to a retrofit parking system, it is to consider to combine the Jaguar parking sensor with a wide-angle camera.

Advanced models offer an extra display, if a connection, for example to the existing navigation is not possible. The detection of static objects is further facilitated and at the same time you are protected against possible failures.

In contrast to a defective parking sensor Jaguar, a failure of the reversing camera is immediately apparent. An adverse factor is, that when a Jaguar parking sensor fails, the system will generally not display a defect. From time to time you have to check sensors by yourself. Take a second person to help, that passes sensor by sensor behind the car. Turn on the parking aid and pay attention to the warning tones. Everything sounds normal and the warning sound output is faster and slower depending on the distance is everything in best order. If there is a change, you can easily install a replacement.

Original OEM replacement parts for parking sensor Jaguar can be purchased at fair prices including warranty in the Online-shop of Electronicx.


The cost of parking your car can be quite high. You can protect your vehicle of jostles due to PDC parking sensor, that help to make your vehicle safer from parking damage. No more reason for complain about tight parking lots. Using parking sensor Jaguar parking beepers makes reverse parking a breeze.

Our PDC Park Sensor Jaguar offers are delivered primed and can be reacoated in no time with car paint spray. The PDC parking sensor Jaguar distance detector draw the requisite power directly from the reversing spotlight. Likewise, in this way the activation is ensured, with the reverse gear, the taillight turns on and the parking sensor Jaguar starts to measure. They drive backwards and automatically turn on the PDC parking sensor of the parking aid. In the same way follows the shutdown, uncouple reverse gear and the reverse warning PDC parking sensor Jaguar turn off. Some of the parking sensor Jaguar offered are easy to retrofit in your vehicle. Other require a little more work and must be installed by drilling into the bumper and increasing cabling.

Great offers with satisfaction guarantee expect you in the Electronicx Online-Shop. If you have any questions about the installation of Park Sensor Jaguar, you can contact our customer service. We can be reached via live chat, e-mail and the hotline. We are sure to find the right parking sensor Jaguar for your OEM part number.