Parksensor Land Rover

Right application of Park Distance Control PDC Parking Sensor on parking lots

Both, the human and the ingenious technology are fundamentylla not infallible. With out parking sensor Land Rover parking aid, the car will be easier parked backwards than it was previously possible. With a little bit of driving practice and parking warning output parking sensor Land Rover, it is possible to park fast in the narrowest parking niches. You would never have thotugh of such narrow parking niches in your life.

The parking aid Land Rover does not replace your senses and in no case your driving skills. Use yoru sensory power to recognize obstacles yourself through the mirrors and car windows as leand int he driving school. The distance sensor PDC Parking Sensor Land Rover serves as a guide and provides comfort and overview during your parking maneuvers. The parking sensor Land Rover distance warning sometimes have problems in capturing certain structures. Detecting narrow posts or small items occasionally results in faulty PDC Parking Sensor Land Rover measurements. However, the replacement parts of our Online-shop are offerd in the highest quality and designes according to the lates standards of technology.Here, many disadvantages of the past have been significantly improved.

The PDC parking sensor Land Rover object detection at ground lever and for object with dark, non reflecting surface has also been expanded. Nonetheless, snow-covered obstacles are a danger like a wall projection heavily overgrown with moss.For this reason, a secure view to the rear is better to assure yourself in additon to the warning sound  of PDC Park Sensor Land Rover.

A sensor-controlled parking aid with parking sensor Land Rover assists the driver in maneuvering for parking on parking areas and in garages. If an obstacle appears somewhere, the driver is waned by the warning sounder in sound invervals. The warning for the driver is made in accordance to the measured distances from ultrasonic sensor which are installed in the bumpers. Depending on the existing parking system, the area to be coveres is at about one meter in front and rear of the car. Standard Parking Sensor Parking Aids Land Rover guarantee detection in this range.

The parking sensor Land Rover units at the corner of the rear bumper, cover an area of up to two meters. The measured values are determined fro the reflection time of the four installed PDC parking sensor ultrasonic sensors, which send the waves out to find the exact postion of the object. For the wintertime, the following steps are necessary to guarantee the performance of parking sensor PDC parking sensor Land Rover: Keep the Park sensor Land Rover ultrasonic sensors free of dirt, snow and icing. Evcen in summer time, insects and debris will pollute the surface of the PDC Parking Sensor Land Rover Sensors. The dirt will affect the accuracy of measurement and thus the reliability of Parking Sensor Land Roer Sport. Also while manually washing your car with high pressure cleaners, do not touch directly the PDC Parking Sensor Land Rover PDC Sensors.

Procedure of parking with Parking Sensor Land Rover

Activate the parking aid for reversing and park smoothlybackwards with the Land Rover parking sensor. The parking assist system will always be automatically activated  when the automatic transmission or clutch is switched to reverse. As a rule, a lamp in the center console of the cokpit will light up when the parking sensor Land Rover is activated. Modern systems equipped with LEDs have already a colored icons. Parking aid with parking sensor Land Rover and integrated reversing camera can be connected with the on-board monitor. The live images are transmitted to the inside as soon as the car is in reverse mode.

Regardless of the speed, the Parking sensor Land Rover collision detectors remains always active when reversing. However, the lowest possible vehicle speed is recommended. This guarantees more accuracy of the measured data of the PDC parking sensor Land Rover. The complete Parking Sensor Land Rover parking system turns off as soon as the gearshift is used or disengaged. When driving forward in narrow parking area or narrow garages or carports, front sensors are extremely useful. With additional reversing sensors Park Rover Land Rover and warning sound beeper in the front area you can enjoy park carelessly.

Parking sensor assistance PDC parking sensor Land Rover serves as a tool for detection obstacles behind the vehicle. It is an additional help to estimate distances and control blind spots. An object is located in the detection area and the data is transmitted to the driver by an intermittent warning tone.

This increase in pitch and and faster tone sequence which you will be familiar with after some parking practice with parking sensor Land Rover. The frequency of the sound gets higher with every centimeters you get close to the object. High-quality Land Rover parking Sensors with volume control connectivity to the car radio will for example put out the interval tones on the right rear speaker when an object is detected on the right side.

Comparable with the surround sound in the cinema or home hi-fi system it gets easier to park in reverse with additional warning sound output.

If the contact with the detected object is imminent, then the warning signal of the parking sensor Land Rover gradually becomes a continuous tone. The continuous warning sound from the Land Rover parking sensor gradually becomes a continuous tone. The continuous warning sound from the Land Rover Parking sensor sharpens increases its intesity to warn the driver of an immediate impact. If visibility is not possible and your car is still not perfect in the parking space, visual measures are required. It would be appropriate to interrupt the parking process and mirror, window or get to avoid possible parking damage.

Proper parking with parking sensor PDC Land Rover and ultrasonic support

First method parking PD sensor parking sensor Land Rover

A few tricks on how to complete the search for a parking space with success. We present three methods that you can safely and conveniently slide into the desired parking bay with the support of Parking sensor Land Rover. Park your car in an angled, slightly sloping parking lot to the street. Furthermore, often problematic parking at a right angle to the car. Finally, the car simply parked across the road thanks to parking sensor Land Rover was no porblem. Smooth and scratch-free with or without parking sensor Land Rover in a car parking is often a challenge.

In particular novice drivers need a lot of time to park in confusion situations. It becomes more difficult with successive traffic and in bad weather. Therefore the parking sensor Land Rover parking aid in the ideal tool. In crowded parking garages or parking lots in front of supermakets, it will help to park more easily in narrow parking bays.

In overcrowded parking garages or parking lots in front of supermarkets, even experienced motorists are afraid and anxious. The dimensions of parking lots are standardized. The dimensions of parking lots are standardized since years. These measurements are now running out due to increasing vehicle sizes, that no longer fit in the marked parking niches. Here, the parking sensor Land Rover is a remedy and convinces with brilliant technology to park the own car safely forwards and backwards into every narrow parking niche.

Accordingly, a shopping mall with a lot of narrow parking spaces is a horror scenario for every driver without parking sensor Land Rover. It becomes a difficult task to park without damae and increased stress factor. There are three different types of parking spaces in parking lots: oblique, vertical and longitudinal. With parking sensor Land Rover you will quickly enjoy parking and others will be amazed at your abilities.

General forms of vehicle parking in parking lots and at the roadside

Parking oblique or angled

In principle, the terme transverse or oblique parking is used when a set-up angle of 45 to 81 degrees is made. This is usually used wile parking forwards of backwards into a parking lot. Parking areas of this type are mainly used in residential areas and narrower driveways. The esisting space is decisive if there is no places to park and it is worth to create parallel transverse parking surfaces. At the same time, the legislature requires a corresponding marking of the parking areas (§12 (4)).

Parking vertical or straight

A parking lot at a ninety degree angle is called a verical parking area. The driver has the possibility to park with Land Rover parking sensor forwards or backwards. If there is enough space ont he street, this will be the most efficient way to use free space for parking. Not without danger though. Due to oncoming traffic and subsequent traffic,  these parking bays have an increased risk. The use of PDC parking sensor Land Rover and rear view cameras has made these parking methods considerably safer. However, the traffic flow is impaired, but unavoidable. Without these parking areas, a daily park-chaos would be caused. Markings must identify these parking lots or a corresponding signage indicates how th car is to be parked (§12 (4) STVO).

Longitudinal or transverse parking

Parking forwards and backwards across the carriageway means longitudinal layout (§12 STVO). The parking of the car is done directly from the road and is possible to be made backwards and forwards depending on the available space. If park markings are appropriate, it is absolutely necessary to comply with this rule, fire fighting driveways or suppliers often fall into these  areas (§12(6) StVO.

Special form of speed limit block parking

This variation of the arrangement in the parking lot, is not applied frequently. However, extremely effective in the main application area. In smaller blocks, parking cars alternate to the walkway. Especially in housing estates, this species comes to rain and traffic calming. The driver drives more carefully and slows down his speed. The offset of the parked cars also increases the view of children playing and walkway plantings can be integrated. Parking blocks facilitat the embedding of bus stops and keeps exits free from parked vehicles.

Sloped parking in aparking area (oblique pitch) with PDC parking sensor Land Rover

Second method parking PDC sensor parking sensor Land Rover

Vertical parking in an parking lot surface (=vertical setting)
First step is to postion the car with secure distance in a manageable way to other parked vehicles.
This way will have enough distance to maneuver for masterly get into the vertical parking niche with parking sensor Land Rover. Ensure that your vehicle is disstant up to 1 meter of other parkeed cars at the driver's side and co-drivers side. This depends on the slignment of the parking areas and if your park niche is on the right or left side. Parking sensor Land Rover facilitates the parking process enormously. Important is to keep always an eye on other drivers, because they could possibly try to park their car in a nearby parking niche.

Second step to indicate  your parking process. Set the indicator befor insertin reverse gear and activating parking sensor Land Rover. Therewith you show other road users your change of direction and reduce collisions. Particularly on high-frequented roads, traffic jams often arrise due to vertical parking cars. It makes sense to use your parking aid parking sensor Land Rover to park faster. The warning buzzer will warn you of approaching pared cars and simunatenously inform you about subsequent traffic. In precarious parking situatiosn, the parking aid parking sensor Land Rover with reversing cameras is a double safe guard. With turn signal and calmed traffic you can head for the parking area. Keep an eye on the potential cyclist and pedestrians, that could possibly pass behind the car. Other obstacles like electrical boxes, salt boxes, street bollards, traffic sigs or lateers are to be paid attention of. In these cases, the Land Rover parking sensor will be of great help for you. Always drive slowerly forwards and backwards in vertical parking niches with sensor-controlled parking aid Land Rover parking sensor. Drive forward until your cars front bumper is about 50 centimeter distant from the in front standing car.

Third step: steering movements: Shart turn steering of the steering wheel is required. Turn it vigerously to park in the vertical parking space. Appropriately use a steering movement of ninety degree angle. Begin the steering movement as your front bumper passes through the taillights of the parked car in the parking lot next to your chosen parking bay. Drive carefully forward. Make sure that there are no abandoned shopping carts, advertising signs or other objects in the parking area. The Land Rover PDC parking sensor will help steer you in by reflecting distances to potential sources of danger from ultrasound signals.

Step four: steeer into the parking area
Steerng wheel pulls into the free parking space. Steer until the front of your car fills the rear of the parking bay. Vertical parking areas on the roadsde pose another danger. Driving too close to the high curbs may cause a damage in the bumper or fender. The parking sensor Land Rover is not always able to capture the minimum height difference. Make sure that the back of your vehicle is within the park markings. This is especially important on busy roads.

Step five: correct position of the wheels: Align the whee in the parking space. It's best to fully prepare the car for parking out.
Third method to park longitudinal with PDC parking sensor Land Rover
-First step: Find an appropriate parking niche: Find a sufficiently large parking bay and pay attention to the markings. Comforale reverse parking with parking sensor Land Rover. Indicate in good time to the oncoming traffic, that you want to park. However, you should be careful that the preferred free gap allows you to maneuver into the space. THe larger the transverse parking space is, the easier it is to park in reverse with support of parking sensor Land Rover.

-Second step: Locking into the exterior and rear view mirrors: Securing in all directions by taking a look into the car mirrows. Check the following traffic, the parking sensor Land Rover and the rear-view camera are a helpful tool here. As soon as you approach the parking bay and set the indicator to signal to other road users that you are about to park. Through this maximum attentiveness you make sure that no other car hits yours. You also reduce the risk by using parking sensor Land Rover withintegrated rear view camera. At the same time you have a better view of other road users and good all-round visibility guaranteeed by PDC parking sensor Land rover. Generate attention for drivers who come too close behind you. If necessary, lower the windows and hand signals, that you want to park backwards in exactly this parking bay. Many drivers do not see their turn signal and are stresseed and want to overtake directly. Concentration is the top priority here.

-Third step: correct position of your vehicle: Align your car along the parallel parking sensor inaccordance tot he rules a distance of half a meter in front of and behind your car is advisable. You will quickly learn how to cleverlypark your vehickel backwards in confined spaces with PDC parking sensor Land Rover. Do not get too close to the parked car in front. The risk of causing a jostle when accelerating while parking is high. A good tip, try to align your bumper with the car parked in front of you before turning the wheel. A guideline is a half meter from the bumper to the next car.

-Fourth step reverse: Activate the reverse model of the automatic or engage manually. You can now park backwards. Check the side-view mirror of your vehicle to make sure that the road behind you is clear. Look over your shoulder to check the desired parking space again. Make sure your bumper is about one meter behind the next car.

-Fifth step: maximal steering. Release the brake and park your car with a strong steering movement. Carefully approach and slowly park in the back of the free parking area. Check the following traffic and take care what is before and in the rear of your car. There could be pedestrians or cyclists. Do not solely rely on the parking sensor Land Rover. Make sure other cars or pedestrians do not cross your parking procedure when turning backwards. Pay close attention to the parking sensor Land Rover warning sounds and use the mirrors for visual inspection. Kep a distance of a half meter to the car standing in front of you. This way you can avoid possible scratches on thee vehicle. In addition, parking sensor support Land Rover collision warning with interval tones for helpful distance control.

Always use the mirrors to keep attention of the distance from the rear bumper and the vehicle is parked behind you. Note: If the tone sequence of the beep sound accelerates from beeping to continuous tone, the contact to imminent. The distance between the reversing sensors PDC and the object Parking sensor Land Rover is now a maximum of thirty centimeters. If you come too close to the curbb or you may have been scratching along, then you have run theh park movemnt too far. In this case, maneuvering forwards and compensate for the mis alignment. Here carefully at the parking beeper parking sensor Land Rover will warn you in time of potential obstacles.

-Sixth step: Turning the steering wheel left. In the parking movement with your front wheels ...the heighth of the rear bumper of the car in front of you, then a steering wheel reversal to the left is necessary. You still drive backwards, preferaly until yoou cannot continue according to the parking sensor Land Rover warning buzzer and your own look in the rear view mirror. Keep loocking forward and to the side to make sure you do not scratch the car parkeed in front of it. Further care is necessary not to smooth the bumper of the motor vehicle behind you. This could possibly be an expensive and above all unwanted parking bumps. In this case, the PTS Parking sensor Land Rover will help you to finish the parking process in good time. You can use the side and rear view mmirrors, the last hedge is basically the driver.

Seventh step: to aligh the car: Position the car correctly in travel direction.  Turn the steering wheel again tot he right and make sure that your car is straight. Slowly move forwards to the curb, while you keep track of the space around the vehicle. Here, the PDC Parking sensor Land Rover ultrasonic sensors are the perfect solution to prevent parking damage. If your parking system does not have any side cameras in the exterior mirror, then a look into the passenger side mirrors is extremely important. Scratches on the chic aluminium rims are no longer avoidable. The driver's view of the curb is generallly difficult and almost impossible without tools, even the Land Rover parking sensor has difficulties here. HOwever, to be able to estimate the distance from the curb at all. The best distance tot he curb is ideally about thirty centimeters when exiting the parking scenario. In this way, you can park out of the parking space in an instant.

Advantages of reversing camera with parking sensor Land Rover

By installing a rear view camera you do not only save money by reducing minor trivial damage, but can prevent personal injury. You may be able to save lives with PDC Parking Sensor Land Rover. Reverse Warning Camera unit. The driver automatically gains more safety through more visibility behind the automobile. Hatchback models offer a poorer field of view. Newer cars are are designed sleekly and due to areodynamic subtleties, the field of view to the rear is considerably reduced. This is while parking sensor Land Rover and reversing cameras are the perfect help to give drivers a better view tight from the rear bumpers.  Children, pets or other obstacles immediately catch the eye and you are able to rect appropriately behind the wheel. The advantage of a combined optical-acoustic parking aid is also in compensation to each other, if there occurs a defect. With a damaged parking sensor Land Rover, the exact coverage of the parking space is no longer given. But the rear view camera still provides footage to avoid potential accident situation.

What is a reversing camera?
A reversing camera is often a CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) wide-angle camera mounted on the back of the vehicle. On a screen in the dashboard is the parking procedure live to watch. A variety of reversing cameras can be retofitted in addition to the existing PDC parking sensor Land Rover parking aid, which transmission takes place directly on the existing on-board monitor of the navigation display or the on-board computer. The driver escapes with this smart parking systems the blind spots behind the car. Withotut having to turn around, or neglecting the head to the lateral and front area, you can easily park your car in reverse. Rear view cameras are important because behind the wheel you keep control and visibility. When you drive a vehicle, you can at least see everything in front of your windshield. But when reversing a vehicle, the visibility just behind you and in hte blind spot on the rear passenger side, is severely limited.

How to save money with long-term parking sensor Land Rover?
While some novice drivers who are looking forward and backward lengthway, diagonally or obliquely is easily to manage, for others it is a commonplace nightmare. The greatest challenge for novice drivers as well as many experienced drivers is the assessment of distances between your car and the vehicle behind you. A task that should not be underestimated is the fact that numerous driving students regularly fail in the driving test. The number of minor collisions with sheet metal damage caused by driver errors durign parking and employ thousands of mechanics in Germany alone. Not to mention, insurance clerks who often have to deal with angry customers because of increased car insurance premiums. If the minor damage accumulates, a lump-sup payment will be sonner or later, despite a deductible.


For SUVs, vans and off-road vehicles, a Land Rover parking sensor is a grat choice for improving visibility. Say goodby to dead corners and their concequences. Dents and scratches are not nice to look at and the mending is costly. Check out the great parking sensor Land Rover offers parking assistance PDC parking sensor buy in the Electronicx Onlineshop. With guaranteed best goods from the parking sensor Land Rover on xenon burner and car batteries everything is offered at fair prices. If you have questions about the accuracy of fit, please contact our customer service via OEM. We determine the perfect vehicle accessories in our automobile Electric Online-Shop.