Parksensor Mini

Why is a car park parking sensor Mini important

High technology parking sensor Mini designed for vehicles to warn the driver when the rear space is blocked by an obstacle. The popularity of parking sensor Parking Sensor Mazda is increasing rapidly, simply because many driver's rate it as an affordable helpful car accessory. Without the Mini Parking Sensor there is a risk of damaging your beloved car while parking. Not because of a driving mistakes, but because you can not see exactly what is going on behind your vehicle.

Are you afraid to decorate your recently purchased Mini Cooper used car with a parking scar? Parking Sensor Mini will help. If you are worried about damaging your car during tight parking maneuvers, be sure to consider a Mini Parking Sensor Parking technology offers you more security and overview. Today it is commonplace to park in a crowded car park and stressfull at the same time. In this case, it is often tiring to park you car without damaging this or any other car.

Here are some practical reasons why installing a Parking Sensor Mini yields many benefits:

Parking Sensors Mini determine the distance between your vehicle and the surrounding objects and can permanently prevent damages to the vehicle. You will get full control to decide when and where to stop the car. The tremendous extension of safety standards in parking forwards and backwards is the main advantage of parking sensor Mini distance alarms.

In cases where you have at most a tiny parking space available, the parking sensor Mini will a knight in shining armour in narror parking lots. The ingenious technology for parking has a special feature that allows you to park your car in different angles. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and park your car comfortably without being dented.

An excellent protection for your vehicle and other road users. The Parking Sensor Mini distance warner are available in different categories for BMW Rover Mini Couper types. Choose the right Parking Sensor Mini according to your vehicle type and OEM parking sensor number. It is to consider that accoding to statistics, the car accidents have been decreased thanks to the application of parking sensor Mini parking aid technology. This are staggering 75 percent of parking damages decreasing since the launch of PDC parking sensors. At Electronicx, you will get high quality products from brand manufacturers for the ultimate in parking experience.

The above-mentioned advantages are just a few of the many benefits of Parking Sensor Mini Distance Alarms. If you love your car and appreciate more safety and comfort, then a parking sensor Mini is the optimal solution for your car. Benefit from investing in your own security for a small amount of money and from being able to avoid a large cost factor when denting the car due to a bad view while reversing.

Parking Sensor Mini improves every parking lot situation

The parking of motor vehicles is experiencing a technological revolution. These day apps are helping the driver to find free parking spaces. With increasing availability of real-time data, details of the parking space, such as location  occupancy, cost and the numbe rof free parking spaces are transmitted. A useful way is to search through Google Maps and get directions to a car park in your area.

The parking of motor vehicles is experiencing a technological revolution. Apps help driver to find free parking spaces these days. With increasing availability of real-time data, details of the parking space, such as location, hours of occupancy, costs and the number of free parking spaces can be transmitted. A useful way is to search through Google Maps and get directions to a car park in your area.

Increasingly, parking sensor Mini untis are also being used for insertion underneath the pavement of the carriage way to recognize free parking spaces. With extra parking surveillance cameras, security is increased and available parking spaces are recorded in real time. This high-tech solution is called Boom-Gate technology. The result is managed in databases and sensors direct the driver immediately to free spaces in large parking lots or car parks. Modern New Age parking booking sytems are available for Android and Apple iOS. Similarly many vehicle manufacturers cooperate with companies like CarPlay integrating the driver's seach for a parking space as a standard feature into the car's navigation system. This way, urban authorities in metropolitan areas can systematically coordinate motorists at peak times. For example, real time parking data is available in London for more than 3,000 parking spaces in central London. Additional parking information for over 40,000 parking spaces is made possible by parking sensor technology and camera.

Rear view camera or parking sensor Mini - better both to install?

Rear view camera work better than Mini Parking Sensor in some ways. The parking aids prevent drivers from overlooking small children. By means of a reversing camera, a motorist recognizes an approaching child from a distance. With parking sensor Mini, the detection area is rather limited. Considered as a whole, a combination of parking systems with parking sensor Mini and reversing camera are the safest choice for your car.

The insurance industry recommends parking aids

The most common collisions typically occur in driveways or in parking lots. Children and the elderly are the largest number of accident victims when entering and leaving the house by car. Important, the larger the vehicle, the higher the risk of parking damage and overlooking people. The reason for this is that the driver does not see animals and people as well as objects behind the rear bumper as easily as from the side window. Sporty vehicles with great design and aerodynamic shape like pickups, trucks and SUVs typically have the biggest blind spots. Blind spots are the main reason for collisions when driving back in this vehicle category. With integrated parking sensors Mini in the Mini Cooper model, hidden in the bumpers, the driver has a considerably better view rear in compatison to a Sierra.

The conversion with parking sensor Mini and camera unit is definitely a good alternative to prevent paint scratches. Avoiding park accidents sustainably and the costly consequences.

Parking aids Parking System Mini One Park Assist System

According to the US National Highway Traffic Saffety Administation (NMTSA), more than 6,000 people are injured by vehicles in parking maneuvers every year in the US alone. Over 2,400 are children and more than one hundred tragically die from serious injuries. A Parking Sensor Mini reversing alarm helps the driver to detect if a person or object is in the blind spot of the vehicle. The technical aids parking sensor Mini with additional reversing camera is enourmously helpful in preventing this type of accident. There is no question that the majority of accidents occurs when reverse parking, driving or maneuvering and could be easily avoided by using a Parking Sensor Mini Parking system.

Which types of parking systems are available?

Two standard parking aid types from parking sensor Mazda to the rear view camera are available. Number one is most frequently installed in the most drivers vehicle classes in the acoustic sensor-controlled parking aid Parking Sensor Mini. By means of interval warning sound output, distances to obstacles are detected by the Mini parking sensor and communicated to the driver by a warning buzzer. Number two, the sophisticated reversing camera video surveillance system that allows the driver to look into the blind spots behind the car. Both parking aid types are available as options for new vehicles and in the aftermarket area. They can be easily installed in almost any vehicle type, regardless of the year of the vehicle. Custom-fit units for your parking sensor buy parking assistant from Electronicx Online-Shop.

How do the parking systems work?

The technological basis of PDC Parking Sensor parking aid is resting upon the echolocation of bats. Parking Assists with PDC parking sensor ultrasonic technology are indicating exacrly how near an object is to the vehicle. Compared to the sonar system used in maritime shippng, the high frequency sound waves get reflected from the objects.

The sound waves are reflected back to the sensor where they are relayed to the control unit to measure the distance of the object from the rear bumper. The warning tones in the vehicle change the pitch or frequency as soon as the car with parking sensor Mini changes the proximity to the object. Some parking aids come with integrated LED display in the dashboard. The visual alert is an excellent complement to the Acoustic Parking Sensor Mini Alert.

An advanced parking aid uses a small camera unit installed in a reasonably secure location at the rear of the vehicle. A wide-angle view of the area immediately behind the bumper is projected onto a small screen in the instrument panel or dashboard. Some of the most sophisticated parking systems will represent the ideal vehicle movement for turning the steering wheel. The parking aid for particularly difficult parking maneuvers parking sensor Mini for ultimate safety.

Are the parking sensor Mini parking systems and reversing camera reliable?

The Parking Sensor Mini and rear view camera ultrasonic tranducers have proven to be extremely reliable and effective in preventing personal injury and property damage. The two parking aids are not affected by most weather conditions. Only extremely heavy showers or snowfall can cause error measurements. This leads at the end to false alarms of the warning sounder. Under extreme conditions, heavy dirt on the ultrasonic sensors reduce their effectiveness.

Pollution has even worse effects on the camera units; in the event of contamination, the driver is invariably offered an ambiguous view through th drity lens. These situations can be easily resolved by cleaning regularly the parking sensor Mini units in the bumpers and the camera lenses. A bicycle rack or trailer attached behind the vehicle may cause a warning sound. It is best to switch off the parking aid Parking Sensor Mini here and only use the reversing camera. This way you bypass annoying false-alarms of the buzzer parking sensor Mini.

Is a parking sensor Mini reversing warning required?

As every motorist once for lane change learnt, do at first the view over the shoulders in both directions and especially for reverse parking. Visual inspection despite sophistication is the important awareness in parking. Before maneuvering backwards using the Parking Sensor Mini look for obstacles through your own eyes. Make sure that no person or object is in the immediate vicinity of your vehicle environment.

In addition to a careful and sensible driving style, Parking Sensor Mini Parking Assistance are an indispensable safety feature and an exceptional comfort enhancement for parking. Many parking aids are retrofitable to affordable expenses and replacement sensors for Parking Sensor Mini are available for all models. Get first class parking sensor Mini installation sensor, Xenon burners, car batteries, car lamps and MP3 adapters at the Electronicx Online-Shop at affordable prices.

The real story about holes or no holes for parking sensor Mini

In todays fast moving and hectic world, where almost everyone owns a car, finding a parking space is often a difficult task. Many new questions concern the modern motorist regarding the safety and prevention of damage to the vehicle and other road user. Especially to pedestrians that fall late in the eye while reversing through sleek car constructions.Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, parking systems have revolutionized the automotive industry and are very popular with car owners.

In the Onlineshop we have special PDC Parking Sensor Mini for BMW and Rover models in the range. These parking sensor distance warning systems are sensitive and recognize all kinds of obstacles that approach the vehicle in a particular area. The driver is made aware of the obstacle due to intermitted warning tone output. After a few practice maneuvers, you can do an accurate maneuver.

Finally, with Parking Sensor Mini, you can prevent bumps, scratches, and tragic accidents while parking and reversing. They keep repair costs sustainably low and visit only at normal maintenance intervals the workshop of your confidence. Parking Sensor will also lower the cost of car insurance premiums and increase the value of your beloved car. If it comes to selling used cars equipped with Parking Sensor Mini and heated seats or xenon burner, your car has an considerably higher value.

What types of parking sensor Mini are available?
Basically, the parking sensor Mini selection is divided into two categories. A parking sensor Mini is categorized to Ultrasonic Parking Assistance and other, in the field of electromagnetic parking systems. The common name is Park Distance Control (PDC) with the acronym PDC Parking Sensor Mini and radar sensors.

Parking Sensor Mini Ultrasonic sensors: Either three, four or six park Sensor Mini park beeper are installed, they transmit ultrasonic waves within the detection range around the vehicle.

The presence of obstacles in the vicinity of the car is detected and the distance is determined from the values of at least three parking sensors. The calculation is done via the PDC control unit. The closer you get to the obstacle, the faster it will send the warning signal back to the control unit and the warning sound will respond.

In order to make the driver aware of the detected object and its position, a frequency increase of the warning sounder is initiated. The sequence of warning sounds is audible through the speakers connected to the radio unit of the car. The direction of the obstacle can be heard through the surround sound.

The Mini Parking sensor in the bumpers of the car require continuous maintenance for optimal operation. Cleaning of the sensors is important, remove the snow layer in winter time or clean when remaining insects and dirt particles. Be careful not to take too much pressure. At certain intervals, you should check the ultrasonic sensors with activated parking sensor Mini parking aid. With a second person, that passes the rear and front sensor area, it will get easily proofed. If the usual warning sound output of the Parking Sensor MINI ultrasonic transducer is given, you will have fully performance. This technical achievement from bat echolocation is impletented in the cars to easily find a parking space and makes parking considerably easier.

The electromagnetic parking sensor Mini: In contrast to the ultrasonic parking aid, this type of sensors generate an electromagnetic field at the rear of the vehicle. The extend version sof the Radar parking sensor Mini parking aid also detect in front of the vehicle. With lateral parking assistance a complete obstacle detection all-around the car is possible.

The parking system detects all objects within at least one meter from the bumper. As soon as an obstructive object or person is reflected, a series of clearly defined beeps is generated by the Parking Sensor Mini distance warning device. The Parking Sensor MINI object alert output is used to inform the driver of approaching obstacles. With buying electromagentic parking sensors, you get maintenance-free parking technology and in contrast to the ultrasonic sensors, no drilling holes are needed. The radar Parking Sensor Mini are easy to install underneath the bumper.

Electromagnetic radar sensor and ultrasonic parking aid PDC parking sensor Mini

Both in unique technical design with differences in the sensor technology. Ultrasonic sensor or primarily used in small car and mid-range vehicles. Are also popular for retrofitting parking sensor Mini variations. The replacement of defective parking sensor Mini is easily possible.

Opinions differ whether to install radar sensors or ultrasonic sensors. But radar sensors are preferrably installed. The advantage of the electromagnetic sensor types lies in maintaining the original car appearance. No visible changes to the bumper have to be made in contrast to the PDC parking sensor Mini ultrasonic drills for installation.

Equally significant is the increase in value of a vehicle by converting to parking aid parking sensor Mini.

To mount the parking sensor Mini ultrasonic Park Sensor Mini ultrasonic tranduces, you will need to drill holes in the bumper of the car. The electromagnetic radar sensors are simply mounted behind the bumper of the car. In general, parking aid universaL sensors retrofit kits for electromagnetic parking sensor systems provide a kind of adhesive sensor tape. The installation and connection to the on-board electronics is manageable and easy to carry out. By means of plug connection is the electronic unit is easy to connect to car radio unit. With a signal buzzer and a convenient easy-to-understand wiring kit, self-installation becomes a breeze.

Once installed without holes and drills, this Radar Parking Sensor Mini sends an understandable warning signal to the driver as soon as an object gets into the magnetic field. With a full Parking Sensor Mini coverage, obstacles around the vehicle are detected on all sides, front and back. This is the ultimate protection against unsightly scratches and dents on the car paint and an increase in safety for all road users.

Facts about the radar sensors and parking PDC Parking Sensor Mini

The electromagnetic radar sensor units Parking Sensor Mini are designed to protect your car from damage. At the same time, the original aesthetics of the car are perfectly preserved and parking assist Parking Sensor Mini easy parking is guaranteed. The Parking Sensor Mini system remains completely invisible.

Since this type of Parking Sensor Mini can be installed without drilling, various vehicle types can make use of this clever parking aid.
In addition to the common use of parking aid as a Parking Sensor Mini System, there is a further way to implement the radar sensors to the rear bumper of motorhomes and caravans. Compatible with numerous models and unlike ultrasonic sensors, the radar sensors are much easier to install. While the Parking Sensor Mini ultrasonic parking aid requires wiring and subsequent painting of the Mini parking sensor. On the other hand, radar sensors are completely free from the cumbersome retrofitting problems, like drilling holes into the bumper etc. 

It does not matter what kind of Parking Sensor Mini you install in your fancy speedster, the effect remains the same. Parking Sensor Mini is ideal for cars to consistently avoid bumps, dents and scratches when parking and reversing. Expensive collisions and their consequences from insurance damages and premium adjustment up to maintenance costs by denting technique and painting work on the car, get avoided.

The installation of the radar sensors on the inside of the bumper considerably reduces the risk of damages from outside. Changing a parking sensor Mini is quick and easy. In the event of damaged Parking Sensor Mini ultrasonic transducer, a repainting is required in any case.

On the other hand, the detection recognition of danger sources is comparable to all objects and persons in the vicinity of the car. With the function of Parking Sensor Mini you are able to respond adequately to walls and wall projections, parking at blind spots is considerably simplified. It is counteracted with high efficiency to tragic accidents involving people or children especially in play streets. Harmfull effects on the radar technology can be damp weather with lots of rain and snow accumulation of water and rainfall or snowfall affect massively the Parking Sensor Mini environmental control. Concerning this matter, the ultrasonic sensor has some advantages to offer.  With ultrasonic Parking Sensor Mini you will find excellent parking spaces in all weather conditions.

Active Parking aid with PDC Parking Sensors

This parking system is an parking aid with ultrasonic sensors for support and better orientation of the driver. The parking aid does possibly not operate to 100% under all conditions. Due to the parking assistance parking system the attention of the driver is still needed. It is always to keep an ey on the requirement and  judgment to control the vehicle exactly despite high-quality parking Assist. The driver is responsible in preventing danger and a containing a secure distance and speed to the objects. Even if the parking assistance system is activated, a look over the shoulder is still necessary and your parking process is additionally secured.

Note: The driver is always responsible for controlling the vehicle, monitoring the asssistance system and, if necessary, intervening. In heavy rain or other conditions that cause disturbing reflections, the parking sensor may not detect any or all of the objects. The Parking Sensor Mini collision detectors may detect extremely tiny objects with surfaces that absorb ultrasonic waves, especially at high humidity. For example, with moss-covered old stone boxes or a high beveled curb. Always make sure yourself through a control look and you can confidently access the refined PDC parking sensor parking aid.

Parking with Parking Sensor Mini Parking Assistance

If the parking system is activated, parallel parking spaces that are large enough for your vehicle will be detected. They switch into reverse and the vehicle steers almost automatically into the free parking space. You control the brakes, the accellerator and the gears, but the steering wheel moves by itself. The Parking Sensor Mini Parking Assistance Parking System will steer your car into parking space with visual and audible detection of obstacles.

What could cause malfunctions of the Parking Sensor Mini?
The parking system may not work properly if an object between the front bumper and the parking space is disturbing the parking process. This could be a pedestrian, cyclist or bicycle mount at the rear of the adjadent parked vehicle. Likewise, higher vehicle models such as a van with tail light and lowerable vans, buses or trucks can be hindrance.

When you should not use the Parking Sensor Mini Assistance System:
A foreign object such as a bike rack on the back of your vehicle may have a negative effect on the echolocation. Similarly irritating can be half-height objects such as tool boxes, storage boxes or stainless steel boxes that protrude from the shelf in the garage.

An overhanging object on the roof rack, such as a case, canoe or surboard may cause errors. The front bumper sensor or side Parking Sensor Mini units are incalculably damaged or blocked by a foreign object, for example, on the front bumper cover. Driving a SUV causes problems with the sensors, a mini-spare wheel at the rear of the vehicle will adversely affect the distance control.

What should be considered before parking?

Involving the Parking Sensor Mini system for parking requires activation. To activate the Parking Sensor Mini Parking Assistant function, press the active Park Assist button. Your screen in the dashboard displays a message and the appropriate graphic indicating the search for a free parking space. Use your turn signal to inform the parking System whether your are looking for a parking space right or left. Without indicator, the parking system will automatically search for a free space on the passenger side. 

Find a suitable free parking space
As soon as the parking system finds a suitable place, a beep will sound and a message will be displayed on the on-board monitor. This graphical information indicates that you have detected a suitable parking area in which parking assistance is easy to park backwards.

Drive slower and try to align the car in parallel with the cars parked in front of  your targeted parking space. Most parking assistance with the Parking Sensor Mini will put out a second warning sound. This follows additionally to the screen display information and informs you, that the car has to be stopped not for parking! From this point follow the instructions on the display inside the center console.
Detecting obstacles by parking sensor Mini

You must ensure that your parking space is free of obstacles during the parallel parking process. Here, the parking sensor Mini supports you, but a look to the rear is always necessary to ensure that the way is free. The parking assistence system may not detect any furniture that may protrude from the side of another car with trailer. Vehicles with overhanging loads such as bus or truck and other objects can hinder smooth parking.

Tips for starting and parking with Parking Sensor park steering system

While searching for a suitable parking space, park your vehicles as follows: By activating park steering system, as close as possible, parallel to the vehicle in front and within one and a half meter of the parked vehicles. If it exceeds about 35 kilometers per hours, a warning signal will sound with the request to reduce the speed. Otherwise the parking steeering system shuts off. If the parking system has detected several available free parking spaces, it always offers you the last available parking space.

Automatic steering

After you have stopped your own car according to the instructions on the on-board monitor, the parking sensor Mini parking system instructs you to switch to reverse gear. As soon as you engage reverse gear take your hands off the steering wheel and make sure that nothing hinders the steering movements. If the vehicle drives backwards, you control the throttle and brake and your beloved car will autonomously control itself. The avancement of the parking process is indicated by warning sounds and instructions on the display in the center console. The movement within the parking scenario is displayed acoustically and visually. Advanced options allow for all-around view or live view of rear view camera and warning sound output from Parking Sensor Mini reversing sensor. Interruptions occur irrevocably when you exceed the speed of ten kilometers per hour in the parking procedure. Here the Parking Sensor Mini Parking System switches off automatically. In this case, the parking process must be completed exclusively on your own. Any other reason affects the automatic parallel parking maneuver causes an interuption of the automatic parking process. The result: you have to take control and park your car backwards yourself.

The parking sensor Mini parking maneuver finish safely.
You notice that your vehicle has enough space in front and behind, then bring the vehicle to stop. The Parking Sensor Mini parking aid will signal by warning tone and screen display. If  there is enough space in front of and behind your vehicle, this indicates that the maneuver is completed.

As a driver, you are responsible for double checking the result of the parking procedure and making any necessary corrections. Preferably, before you park the car check if a fender or sill is showing to far on the road to avoid accident risks. Similarly, the bike path or pedestrian area should be paid attention to.

Automatic deactivation of the Park Sensor Mini Parking Assistance

Each of the following actions manually disables the parking system, wheter or not you have completed parking.
- By switching off the traction control system
- You drive more than 50 kilometers per hour for approximately ten seconds during the active parking search
- By repeatedly pressing the parking assist button to activate the assistance system.
- By intervening in the autonomous steering wheel control
- At a speed of more than ten kilometers during the autonomous parking operation

Parking Sensor Mini models with parking assistance system for smooth parking with more security. In addition to the correct OEM part number, it is important to know the internal name of BMW to buy PDC parking sensors.

First generation parking aid R50 parking sensor mini (Hatch) replacement sensors for parking sensor Mini One and ultrasonic transducer Mini One D and ultrasonic Cooper. Replica R52 Parking sensor convertiblle and aftermarket parking sensor Mini one, Cooper and parking sensor Couper S. Parking Assistance R53 Parking sensor Mini (Hatch) and Cooper Sensor Park Beeper.

Second Generation R55 Parking Sensor Mini Clubman parking assistance due to the special design little view from the driver's seat behind the vehicle. The combination with eye-catching shooting brake features with parking aid Cooper Mini cooper D parking sensor and for the Cooper S, Cooper SD, John Cooper wors and Mini One and One and Park One Parking Sensor D. R577 Parking Sensor Mini convertible for the Mini one and Mini Cooper, Cooper D, Mini Cooper S, Cooper SD and Mini John Cooper works parking sensor, parking assistance R58 Parking Senso rMini coupe small and extremely fine as two-seater with parkign aid COoper, Cooper S and Parking Sensor Mini CooperSD and John Cooper work Sensor. R59 parking sensor Mini Roadster for two-seater Cabria models of teh vehicle Ipes Cooper, Cooper SD for all OEM Parking Sensor Mini Cooper works.

Third Generation F54 Parking Sensor Mini CLubman ultrasonic transducers and powerful warning number Parktronic F55 parking sensor Mini (Hatch) five-door vehicle models. Parking aid F56 Parking Sensor Min (Hatch) three-door models and for parking asssitance F57 Parking Sensor Mini convertible. Retrofit sensors for high-tech parking aid F60 Parking Sensor Mini Country man and other high-quality spare parts fun vehicle accessories for vehicle technology.

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