Parksensor Peugeot

Easy parking in every parking lot

Parking assistance PDC parking sensor for Peugeot models, when things get tighter on the parking lot. With modern ultrasound system technology is parking made easy and the accident risk is significantly reduced. Due to the refletion of ultrasound signals, obstacles are reflected behind the mobile pedestral and the time passed in forwarded to the control unit. This ensures the exact distance specification. The indication of the exact distance tot he object in the way behind the vehicle makes parking more convenient. On a color display, the distance to the potential road is indicated in centimeters. The acoustic warning buzzer warning sound output of the parking aid parking sensor Peugeot helps drivers to park easier.

Q&A Abbreviation of the automotive industry

As a car owner, decoding the abbreviation of parts and components and technologies of vehicle manufacturers is often confusing. For you, the seemingly random letters make no sense? Your car Accessories Online-Shop Electronicx will explain some shortcuts.

Optional extras such as the parking aid PDC Park Sensor Parktronik, heated seats and iPhone adapters increase comfort to a certain extend in the car. Other enhancements add to safety such as Xenon burners with automatic headlamp leveling. A smart extension offer parking system for retrofitting in used cars for having more than standard solutions.

More than four drivers want an air conditioning. Above all owners of older used cars tend to scarcely 68 per cent after a central locking with radio remote control. Also a preferred feature is the PDC sensor parking aid as parking sensor Peugeot today almost 60 percent wish. Still in a variety of motor vehicles, Ukk radios here dream about 40 percent of a Digital Radio (DAB) preferably with MP3 adapters. Similarly, for a good 40 percent, the tire pressure monitoring system is on the wish list in termos of car conversion.

Once as a frequent driver on the highway to enjoy the pleasure of the driver in his own vehicle. The adaptive cruise control at least a third would like to retrofit this special feature. The situation is similar with the traction control systel closely followed by the ever popular HIll Start Assist. Seeing the sky and no direct drafts, a quarter of themotorists would like to allow through an electric sunroof. According to the own requirements to draw a trailer or caravan consider about 23 percent installing a trailer hitch later. Small explanation of known abbreviation in the field of motor vehicles:

What is a HUD and what function does it have in the car? The main task is to display information, the abbreviation means Heat-up-display. This information is used to transmit navigation instruction directly to the driver, as well as speed and location information.

What does a "PDC" do in your vehicle?

The Warning beeper beeps in time to remove your own car from the object detected by the sensor interval warning tone output to the distance display for the driver, making safe parking an easy task. Full name "Park Distance Control", audible warning tones indicating clearances when parking. Popularity known as parking beeper or parking aid.

Which function does EBA have?

It is advertised the Adaptive Cruise Control and the "ACC" is a cruise control so to speak. Similar Peugeot parking sensors are used to control the distance to the vehicle in front. This sensor technology adjusts the pace based on the minimum distance and prevents rearend collision with front sensors.

What is the ANC in the car?

Electonic earplug that makes it extremely quiet in your car. When tendered out ANC means "Active Nois Control" an active suppression of noise is guaranteed.

What is the meaning of "ABS"?
Active for many years in vehicles of differenct classes, the "anti-block breaking system". This for more system stand for the basis of safe driving.ABS prevents the blocing of more wheels during breaking.

What does TPMS have for a function?

Creeping flatfoot De, to recognize the change on a tire while driving is impossible. The tire pressure or air pressure is continuously monitored by means of a tire pressure monitoring system "TPMS". Due to this driving safety system, an accident due to changes in driving sensation due to lock of proper tire pressure is to be prevented.

What is "MOPF"
A common abbreviation for Mercedes-Benz models. Basically an elegant facelift and means in the jaros model care, for example, for a design adaption.

What does the ATM have to do with the car?

It is not an ATM in your own vehicle, even if it were a very desirable idea. An exchange engine is referred to as "ATM" in the field of auto meachanics., Does not happen often, but some GErman car owners love his car and prefer a new engine before he thiinks about buying another vehicle. IF there is an engine failure due to accident or any other factors, the ATM is a good option for repair. Isn't it nixe to retrofit the beloved old-time Frenc parking sensor Parking 403 Cabriolet. The actor Peter Fals played with passion the "I have one more question" Inspector Columbo. Many fans would like to drive it and who hasone of these noble classic cars, for the option exists with a little skill to install a parking aid Universa parking sensor Peugeot.

What makes the Park Distance Control Peugeot parking sensor extraordinary?

In the front and rear bumper parking sensor Peugeot parking assistance to detect obstacles as an effective anti-parking meter warning self-installation. To protect your vehicle, a parking sensor Peugeot parking system is ideal for your fancy car. Parking Sensors Peugeot the perfect help agains the all too often impending awkward parking maneuvers in a luxury parking aid with ultrasonic sensors protect your vehicle and the cars of other car drivers from damage. You can safely park your parked vehicle, the anti parking function recognized vehicles in your area. If another car enters the area around your vehicle, it will warn you of a warning signal. As a driver, the parking sensor Peugeot warning tone output generates a special attention and makes your maneuvering clearer. The sensor-controlled parking aid ensures better performance when parking.

How does the parking aid parking work?

Parking assistance parking sensor Peogeot

Our Electronicx Online-Shop offers a wide range of offers from the parking aid to retrofit sensors. Parking Sensor Peugeot we would like to introduce parking aids for the detecting of obstacles for the middle class parking sensor Peugeot RC2 or Parking Sensor Peugeot 508. Parking Sensor Peugeot ultrasonic transducer detects people and objects on the front and back of the vehicle.

Peugeot 208 recognized and signaled by a warning sound to the driver, the warning sound to the driver. The warning sound output gradually increases, the closer the object comes to the 108 parking sensor. As soon as the object has approached the detection radius, a continuous warning tone, each parking sensor Peugeot park beeper perceive????? The distance and position of obstacles are displayed on a screen in the dashboard. In this way, the driver enjoys a high level of safety, through Parking Sensor Peugeot warning buzzer and color distance indicator in the display.

Parking Sensor Peugeot - special protection for the parked vehicle

Even when the parking state and the engine is switched off, the parking system is able to detect movements of vehicles in front and behind when starting and act as collision warning.

If movements occur at a distance of about one meter from the bumper, visual and audible alarms are activated. The Parking Sensor Peugeot 308 explicitly instructs other drivers to take extra car whenparking the warning system automatically shuts off when the other vehicle is parked next to you

What is part of the equipment for the Parking Sensor Peugeot conversion

The electronic control unit for parking with parking sensor Peugeot is easy to install. Whether ultrasonic sensors or radar sensors with a few simple steps and a certain basic knowledge of the car electrics, it is easy to do in the local garage. The Parking Sensor Peugeot Parktronic is compaticle with towbars and motorhomes. Switching off ensures trouble-free driving pleasure.

Let's go to the Parking Sensor Peugeot in the bumper of your beloved car. Car accessories to the Parking Sensor Peugeot such as wiring cables, clips for clip mounting and matching drilling tool. We would like to explain the insalaltion of eight Parking Sensor Peugeot  units for an optimized detection area in front of and behind your car. Our compact and extremely accurate universal OEM Parking Sensor Peugeot distance warning devices are primed and can be painted without any problems. For the ultimate aesthetic overhaul of your vehicle after installing the Parking Sensor Peugeot  parking beeper.

Integration of the individual parking aid components including on and off switch in this way you can turn off the warning  sound when driving with a trailer. With additional digital scree, a highe rsafety standard is enabled and the driver can recognize the blind spot by listening and seeing. A link with the car radio is always beneficial to prevent distractions by traffic reports and music. In addition, the warning signal output of the integrated loudspeakers cause the parking signal parking sensors to be perceived exactly from the direction of the obstacle for improved orientation.,

Adjustable volume options

The Parking Sensor Peugeot allows an individual adjustment in the vehicle to the needs of the driver. Adjustbale screen is to be added later and attached for example by a bracket on the dashboard. If your car of the French vehicle manufacturer has an integrated navigation system, connectivity is possible in most cases. A moden LCD or LED display can be retrofitted to match the interior of the center console in the complex function, the new Peugeot Parking Sensors are equipped with an integrated diagnostic function.

How does the fixed Parking Sensor Peugeot installation work?

With much effort Parking Sensor Peugeot  distance warning to install. Ready-to-use parking aid Parking Sensor Peugeot  for a fast parking sensor optimized according to the latest safety standards retrofitting on the car whether you decide only for Parking Sensor Peugeot with buzzer or with additional visual warning signal.

Our Online-Shop provides all necessary connection cables and provides instructions. By plug-in syste, the connection of the Parking Sensor Peugeot  for immediate readiness for operation is easily possible User-friendly sensors install through clip mounting facilitates installation enormously.

With the Parktronic Parking Sensor Peugeot  the maximal resistance to dust and water is guaranteed. Decide on a parking aid Universally, the radar sensors are easy to install underneath the bumpers. The optimal spray protection for your parking sensor Peugeot. If an extra display is required, the included version is easy to integrate and the control unit adapts perfectly to the vehicle equipment.

Installation parking sensors from Electronicx Onlineshop means no special tools are required. You are having trouble mounting your new Parking Sensor Peugeot units, contact our technical support hotline or live chat.

Parking Sensor Peugeot parking aid Universal

The range in parking range assortment is large with Parking Sensor Peugeot  for passenger cars, four-wheeled vehicle Peugeot 5008 or vans Boxer or Bipper. Generally compatible with vehicles that have a towing system and are compatible with numerous aftermarket replacement sensors.

What to pay attention to buy the optimal Parking Sensor Peugeot?

The height of the bumper must be ckecked, depending on the future parking system, certain dimensions may be required. Some built-in sensors, for example, the Peugeot pick-up parking sensors, require a height of over 45 centimeters for the rear sensors. The distance from the ground is to be considered and also in front some Parking Sensor Peugeot  require a certain minimum distance to the ground. For this reason, we have always provided an OEM part number for Parking Sensor Peugeot ultrasonic transducer. With this product identification, the Peugeot parking sensors is optimized for the associated vehicle model.

Furthermore, an important point to accurately measure for perfect parking in any tricky situations x-any parking lot constellations implement. The distance between the individual Parking Sensor Peugeot should preferably be less than 45 centimeters. More sensors with small distances to each other for greater accuracy parking your parking aid with the best performance.

Also check cabling and reinforcement stun??? below the bumpers and fenders. At best, the bumper should be disassembled to allow a fristionless exact parking sensor Peugeot installation. To retrofit the parking aid, keep an eye on the vehicle length. Larger dimensions require more parking sensors to detect the last blind spot.

Let's get to the general overvie Parking Sensor Peugeot Installation guide

Parking Sensor Peugeot Park Assist Universal Kit components:
Included is a high quality digital display with cable and eight Parking Sensor Peugeot units. You can choose between an electronic control unit (ECU) or a PDC control unit according to the selected parking assistant technology. Included for the front sensors is a wiring harness with all necessary connections and a connectivity for the reversing sensors. Suitable power cable for connecting to the car electrics and for the center console and on I off switch or slider control including cabling. The parking sensor Peugeot colission warner, which is made of sturdy plastic, is easily integrated by means of connection clips and user-friendly clip mounting. To the installation of ultrasonic sensors, the drilling tool is provided for millimeter-acurate drilling of the sensor holes. For perfect alignment comes the respective retofit sensors and complete Parktronic retrofit each Peugeot parking sensor with sensors angle adjustment ?????

You will need the following tools to install the Parking Sensor Peugeot yourself. Preferably, the tool box has a wire stripper, sore???set, insultating tape, wire cutters, and a multimeter for control. It is important that the battery must be disconnected while the Parking Sensor Peugeot  installation. Some data such as radio settings, vehicle lock code and toher settings may be lest ? depending on the type of vehicle.

Preparation Install parking sensors

Before installing the parking system, check that your Peugeot distance sensors can be installed at the front and rear of the vehicle. A vehicle length of a maximum of five meters is a basic requirement for most replacements. The bumper height is preferably between 45 and 65 centimeters at the back and between 45 and 55 centimeters at the front.

Reinforcement inside the bumpers should not interfer with drilling and the sensor angle should not deviate by more than five drgrees fromt he vertical. Check in front of the Parking Sensor Peugeot  installation that the reversing lights, turn signals and horn are working properly. Make sure you can drill without damaging the existing wiring. In retrospect the link to the power supply and activation by the reversing spotlight takes place here.

Check in exactly all potential modules or other components where you will be instaling the parking sensors. In the case of a parking sensor Peugeot ultrasonic transducers installation, the bumpers are comletely removed. Even if the parking sensors is defective, as well as for replacement is the respective bumper to dismantle. Car experts advise in principal to this measure, this avoids any risk of damage by drilling. In this way you can see exactly what is behind the bumper, sill or fender.

Installation instruction Parking sensor Peugeot

PReparing for the installation of your new Parking Sensor Peugeot  units. after design of the bumper are sometimes add a few little things, such as installation angle correction rings for the installation of the parking sensors. On request, our customer sercide department can provide metal bumper insulation rings for extra protection agains stron vibrations. Continue spare parts for Parktronic parking sensor Peugeot parking aid you can buy in car electrics Online-shop.

Installation the reversing sensors

Determine the optimal sensors locations along the rear bumper and mark them to drill the sensors holes. Position the outerost sensors between 15 and 20 cm from the side of the vehicle body. Place the parking sensors along the bumpers an dposition the indicula Peogeot parking sensors no more than 45 centimeters apart. Closer spacing is beneficial and provider greater procession in your measurements. Check the anlge of the Peugeot Parking Sensor for clip mounting accurately, and may require angle correction due to the nature of the material or the vehicle design. Using the appropriate drill tool drill holes for the four Peugeot Parking Sensors in the correct position one hundret percent.

Positions Parking Sensor Peugeot
Place the wiring of the parking sensors behind the bumper for easy connection of the Parking Sensor Peugeot  built-in sensors. Insert the four Parking Sensor Peugeot modules into theholes of the bumper, making sure that everyone points in the right direction. Connect the sensors to the wiring and tighten the clamps. If possible, the entire wiring must be secured with adhesive tape and clips in order to permanently prevent detachment.

Route the harness for connectivity tot he on-board screen to the front of the vehicle for connection tot eh ECU or PDC control unit. Here the special cable duct in the car is to tbe used.

Installing the Parking Sensor Peugeot front sensors

After installing the vehicle manufacturer, determine the position of the Peugeot parking sensor for installation in the front bumpers. In the same way as you have determined the positions of the reversing sensors, a distance of 15 to 20 centimeters from the side of the vehicle body is to be observed with the front sensors Peugeot in the bumper at the ideal angle for maximum accuracy when Peugeot forwards and backwards.

You must first carefully drill the necessary holes into the bumper sensors using a drill. For the four Parking Sensor Peugeot  at the appropriate positions, the wiring is to be prepared. Rute the parking sensors cables under the front bumper for wasy connection of the parking sensors to the on-board electronics. Insert the four parking sensors into the pre-drilled holes of the bumper, paying attention to the correct orientation of the parking sensors.

Connecting the Parking Sensor Peugeot  radar sensors or ultrasonic sensors to the wiring and screw on for protection. Follow the instructions for the car and connect the Parking Sensor Peugeot  with each other. Clamp all wiring and use electical tape for optimum support under the bumper. In general, a wiring harness leads directly towards the cockpit with exit near the pedal area. The final connection to the control unit and display or warning buzzer takes place later.

Check the connect electrical connections of the Parking Sensor Peugeot after connecting all the components and electrical connections of the Parking Sensor Peugeot  after connecting all the components and electical components. A multimeter here is a useful help in case a Parking Sensor Peugeot  does not respond. In connection problems fromt he plug-in system to the car electrics extremely useful.

Parking assistance parking sensor Peugeot function test

Check if the Park Sensor Peugeot retrofit works and you're more comfortable with parking the engine switched on, you can exit the front sensors with activated parking aid and check the automatic obstacle detection. Here in a second person of use to have from the driver's seat from warning sound output and image display in the eye. at normal display and interval tone change by goind up and down in front of the Parking Sensor Peugeot everything is fine. However, if no warning is triggered, there is a parking sensor problem.

Select the rverse gear to test the Parking Sensor Peugeot  reversing detectors in the parking system. The two outer front sensors normally work automatically. Doing all the Parking Sensor Peugeot parking beeper their work, the parking aid works optimally, you will perceive a fantastic relief in each parking procedure. Older models are to be checked by manual inspection or in a specialist workshop by special measuring instruments for radar or ultrasonic waves. New Peugeot parking sensors from your online retailer will beep three times as soon as a parking sensor sis faulty. The position and number of faulty parking sensors are shown on the display and the driver has the option to buy a retrofit sensor. Here, our Online-sho offers a large assortment fromt he reversing sensors to the front sensors.

How Parking Sensor Peugeot itself check for accuracy?

Make sure that the LED display for parking is switched on in the case of visual-acoustic parking assistance.

Create a suitable obstacle for testing in your yard, driveway or suitable parking area. Here is a bucke of plastic or a Styrefoam box as an obstacle to check the Parking Sensor Peugeot  front and rear highly recommended.

Parking assistance Parking Sensor Peugeot function test

Check if the Parking Sensor Peugeot retrofit works and you are mroe comfortable with parking. With the engine switched on, you can exit the front sensors with activated parking aid and check the automatic obstacle detection. Here is a second person of use to have from the driver's seat from warning sound output and image display in the eye. At normal display and interval tone change by going up and down in front of the Parking Sensor Peugeot  everything is fine. However, if so warning is triggered, there is a Parking Sensor Peugeot.

Troubleshooting Parking Sensor Peugeot

Possibly the display does not turn on automatically after the installation, it is to search for the errors. Check that the power connector of the display is connected properly. Make sure your car is on and the engine is running and reverse gear is engaged. It gets a little more complex, in the next step, the wiring should be completely checked.

The information scrolls through the screen even though the reverse gear is not selected. Here, it must be checked whether the power cable of the control unit is connected to the signal of the reversinglamp. The display in the center console indicates that a Peugeot parking sensor is faulty, in which case first check whether the surface of each Peugeot parking sensor is clean. Look for the cables of the parking sensors and the correct connection of the PDC control unit or the ECU unit. Other errors can occur in the wiring of the parking sensors with each other.

The position of the obstacle detected object does not match the indicator displayed on the screen. In that case, a mounting error is the most common reason. Check that the sensor wires are connected to the controller in the correct order.

It is confusing when a distance is displayed and an audible warning sounds, even though there is no obstacle. The installation angle to the floor or the Parking Sensor Peugeot installation height may not be correct here. Strong vibrations may cause a bumper sensors to slip an dmust be readjust??? If the problem occurs directly after installing the parking sensors, make sure the sensors is not mounted upside down.

Helps absolutely nothing, you have no choice but to separate each parking sensors sequentially to find the source of the error. In case of emergency, only the trip to a specialist workshop for checking your parking aid.

Rear view camera as lifesaver

The reversing camera parking system is used by the driver when parking and maneuvering in confined parking spaces. In addition to a high-quality wide-angle image of the area behind the vehicle, the parking system with parking sensor Peugeot and rear view camera shows a number of affitional features that make the driver's existence easier. Numerous VW models and also vehicles with v hid the camera units in the tailgate directly under tehe ??? or the reversing camera is, for example, a bit to the right offset to the vehicle center away from the trunk handle.

The reversing camera is automatically activated together with the Electronicx Online-Shop Park Distance Control System Park Distance Control System. This quickly transitions into the driver, which activates the parking sensors when engaging the reverse gear. On manually start the reversing sensor by pressing the park button. Likewise, the reversing camera starts imaging on the on-board computer in the dashboard area. Due to the wide-angle lens, the image behind the vehicle on the central screen is widely displayed, making it wasy to see distant objects. More modern camera units with additional parking sensor Peugeot and front and side camera even offer a bird's eye view. The electronic unit enables the best image representation using the latest technology. The 360-degree view is a fine thing to detect the smalles obstacles hidden in blind spots.

By direct top view is provided for an improved perception of the natural perspective for paking and supports the motorist unprecedented. Assistance system of this type also show the calculated space requirement for th eupcoming parking maneuvers by graphically over laying the live image. Based on the current steering wheel position, the parking system supports suggestions for the best possible steering movement with the help of the Peugeot parking sensor and camera images. Ultrasonic system help the driver in addition to the PDC parking sensor Peugeot warning sound, especially to increase attention to obstacles. Limited areas such as the passenger side and blin spots at the rear are audible and visible when parking.

General information about the parking aid

Different variants of parking system provide a better overview when reversing and maneuvering. Thanks to the Peugeot parking sensor, the danger of accidents, starting fromt he unrecognizable areas of the numerous blind spots around the car, is a thing of the past. Parking aids with amply functions make the modern motorist parking, maneuvering and ??? parking much easier.

Parking in the tighest of spaces with a parking sensor as your school teacher could not do better in his dreams.

Smart Parking sensor Peugeot are small sensor units that are an important element for modern vehicle drivers in car bumpers. Whether a flower box or left garedn bucket the buzzer Parking Sensor Peugeot  will immediately inform the driver. Park elegantly and amaze passers-by for a man and woman behind the wheel, with a Peugeot iOn parking sensors with a smile.

Smart technology of Parking sensor Peugeot warms tje drover wotj neeüomg tpmes pf damger and provides distances to impending hazards. Electronic experts for driving safety and vehicle electrics recommend to integrate at least four Parking sensor Peugeot per bumper. This step brings you closer to the ultimate obstacle detection.

Bluetooth hands-free kit and MP3 adapter as well as seat hating are appreciated by many drivers on German roads. The modern technology ha prevailed and ensures more comfort in the car. For professional drivers in these day and age unimaginable no longer able to make calls via Bluetooth connection in the driver's seat. Hands stay behind the wheel and at safety standards are met. Do not hesitate and take advantage of a Parking sensor Peugeot parking aid for your own benefit. Avoid parking damage by tapping and jostling at parking stalls that are difficult to see. Save sustained costly repainting and keep in mind by frequent sheet metal damage increase insurance companies like the premium payment. Take advantage of the Park Sensor Peugeot qualities and park in the future safer with more insight your chic French car.


With parking sensor Peugeot as once the driving school techer in free parking spaces very supple park. You're certainly been in a tricky position behind the wheel of your pedestral and sweat in a stressful moment.

Which was probably your wors parking procedure with out parking sensor Peugeot

The everyday scenario in search of the saving parking lot for countless workers a reversing horror. Is the right footprint found and the gap in the end too small or the following traffic brings you out of sheer shame??? completely on the next cross street. With a good support for parking assistance Parking sensor Peugeot  and rear vie cameras Peueot from beginner to professional much easier. ??????????????????????????????????

With constantly increasing number of new car registrations, overflowing parking spaces have become common place. Whether the flood dis´counter aroung the corner or in the parking garage of the department stor in the city center to find a free matching parking bay has more to do with luck. In addition there are fashionable SUVs and minivans that have long exceeded the standard size of conventional family cars. The number of parking spcaes standardized by legislators for decades is no longer up to date and needs to be adapted. With Parking sensor Peugeot narrowest parking niches are still materfully accomplished but not solve the serious lack pf parking space. The new vehicle classes after American street cruiser model has to seize the government each in addition to a parking lot change also to create new parking space.

You are planning to buy a new car or would like to retrofit or would like to retrofit your used car with a Parking sensor Peugeot. This particular PDC parking sensor equipment is nowadays more significant than before. On the one hand, it increases the value of your own vehicle, and on the other hand, the Parking sensor Peugeot extension project you against excessive repari costs??????????????????According, our Online-shop for vehicle electronics offer tailor-made Parking sensor Peugeot  ultrasonic transducers for almost all types of different years of construction.

Buy car parts from your Electronicx Online-shop from the starter battery via Parking sensor Peugeot is on the way to the car lamp. You get fair and transparent prices combined with high quality. Your Online-shop to buy the first-class Parking sensor Peugeot  and enjoy long service life with the advantage of being able to park anywhere without damage.

Important: to buy replacements original part OEM number of your defective Parking sensor Peugeot uswe. With the correct parking sensor Peugeot OEM you will find the right product selection in the Online-shop.-