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Cost-effective batteries simply order ONLINE from your automotive battery specialist Electronicx

Does your car occasionally has start-up problems? Do these occur frequently on cold winter days? Probably the starter battery is defective and an exchange is recommended. It's the best to replace the old battery with a new, high-performance Electronicx power storage. We are your expert for high-quality and at the same time cost-effective vehicle batteries of most different types. On our pages you'll find a wide range of lead acid AGM, EFB and GEL-Batteries, many of which we deliver directly from stock. Set your order today and you'll receive your new battery in a few days.

Your benefits at a glance
We have many batteries from our range in stock. As a result we are able to dispach your order in a timely manner so that you can be mobile quickly again. Our batteries are delivered free of charge with our logistics partner DPD. Only for express deliveries we charge shipping costs.
You do not want to wait for your delivery? No problem: Just pick up your order during our opening hours in our branch in Lauffen am Neckar (availability required)!
Benefit from our excellent conditions! As a dealer we buy at once large quantities of vehicle batteries. We will pass this price advantage on to you!

What is a car battery?
A starter battery or also called car battery supplies the car with electrical current. Without this power storage, the car does not start. The power storage designed especially for operation in passenger cars, delivers among other things the power for the starter. A current of 400 to 1000 amperes is briefly required for the starting process. The battery must be able to stably maintain this high voltage until completion of the ignition process.

Especially in winter the battery has starting problems. The reason for this is the increasing resistance in the car battery which occurs from increasing cold. Therefore the performance of the battery is restricted with the result that the engine is struggling to turn on or there is nothing more than a "click". Although modern accumulators have a lower internal resistance to counteract such problems, failures can occur due to older age and the increasing number of electrical consumers.

Nowadays there are various battery tecnologies on the market. Lead-acid batteries are found in most vehicles. A typical car battery consists of a total of 6 cells, each with 2.12 to 2.14 volts. Connected in series, this results in the typical power supply for a starter battery from 12.7 to 12.9 volts.

Which different battery technologies are available?
In our Electronicx_Shop you will find different battery types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Most common used battery which belongs to the class of wet batteries is the lead acid battery. Modern lead acid batteries are cost-effective and maintenance-free, but have a high weight and are therefore not suitable for all vehicles.

As a starter battery lead accumulators offer a good price-performance ratio. The construction has been proofed since the 19th century and can be used for high and low temperatures. Inside the lead-acid battery is an electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid), which is usually bound in distilled water. In addition, the battery has two electrodes made of lead dioxide. On older models, the liquid evaporates and can escape through openings, requiring regular checking and refilling. Today's systems are closed except for a pressure relief valve and are thus mainenance-free. Nevertheless, periodic battery checks should be carried out (for example as part of the inspection) to ensure a long service life. A disadvantages of the lead-acid battery is that it can hardly tolerate a deep discharge. Due to its comparatively high weight, it is also not suitable for vehicles where kilogram is important, such as cars with electric and hybrid drive.

AGM Battery
The AGM Battery is a further development of the lead-acid battery and more expensive than its predecessor. In contrast to the conventional lead-acid battery, the sulfuric acid in the AGM starter battery is securely bound in a fibre glass mat. Therefore it carries the designations VRLA-AGM or Vlies-accumulator.
Due to the closed design a maintenance is not necessary. Not least because of its high cycle stability (the ability to survive many loadings and discharges), the AGM battery is often used in vehicles with automatic start-stop. It is also suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles and offers excellent cold start performance in winter. Since the batteries can also be used tilted, they are also popular for motorcycle and boat owners. The disadvantage is the low heat resistance of a maximum of 55°. The installation place is therefore of great importance for the lifespan.

Especially in cars with an automotive start-stop system, the EFB batteries are used. The version of lead-acid battery contains inside a polyester fabric which provides various benefits. The formation of sulphate is reduced and this fact leads to a better power consumption and increases the thermal stability. Overall, this design improves the cycle life and battery life-span. On average, EFB starter batteries last 40 -100% longer than conventional lead-acid batteries but are also more expensive. Due to its characteristics, this variant of the car battery is often used in vehicles in which there is an increased vibration, such as tractors and off-road vehicles.


Contrary to a lead-acid battery, the sulfuric acid used as electrolyte is bound by silica. This causes that the liquid is thickening and as a result the gel is formed. Accumulators of this type can be installed in any position and are maintenance-free due to their closed design. Gel batteries are mainly used in vehicles that have high power requirements, such as electric vehicles or cars with additional attachments. Since they are closed and no gases escape, it is possible to use them indoors. A popular application for gel batteries is a solar power storage.

Which battery is right for my car?
It's time for a new battery, when your old one loses power after years of loyal service. Batteries from our range are most suitable. But which battery is best for your car? In light of all the different variants, the choice is not easy. But with our help you can quickly find your new vehicle battery. If you are the first owner of your car, buying a new battery is usually not a problem. If you were satisfied with its performance and durability, you should stick to the model or resort to a similar battery. For this you need the tecnical data and dimension of the old power storage. Open the bonnet and make note of the information on the previous vehicle battery. Of information are the following details:
- amp hours (Ah-indicates the capacity of the battery)
- Position of the positive pole (left or right)
- Dimensions of the old battery (HxWxD)

The car manufacturers choose the optimum battery tecnology for the vehicle with the ideal performance. For example if an AGM-battery is installed, you should stick to it. If a conventional lead-acid battery is in your car, you can think about switching to an EFB-battery with greater durability. If you own a used car, it may happen that the previous owner used a too small or wrong battery. To be on the safe side, check the vehicle dokumentation to find out which battery the manufacturer recommends.

With the ETN even faster to the right battery
The so-called European Type Number (ETN) simplyfies the search for the right battery even more. It can be found on all batteries of recent construction year and replaces in the context of Europeanization, the DIN (German Industry Norm). The numerical code contains various information such as the design, the capacity of the battery, the cold start current and the position of the poles. For you as a customer this means that you can easily exchange starter batteries with identical ETNs.

- The ETN is 9 digits long and consists of three groups of three digits each
- The first digit of the ETN provides information about the rated voltage of the battery (0-4 =6 volts, 6-7= 12 volts)
- The digits 2 and 3 indicate the amp hours (Ah)at 20 hour discharge
- The 4th digit gives information, if the battery previously had a DIN (0=yes, 1=no)
- Behind the 5th and 6th place hide information such as cycle resistance,  housing dimension, circuit type, etc.
- The number 9 states that it is a maintenance-free car battery with a fixed electrolyte.
- Points 7,8 and 9 provide information on the cold test current in amperes (Ah) (the higher the better the cold start behaviour).
Example of an ETN: 574 012 068 Varta Blue Dynamic 12 Volt car battery with 74 Ah and 640 A

Enter the self-determined data of your old battery into our battery finder. It lists for you the accumulators that suits best in your car. Alternatively you can call us and send us your ETN. We will give you suitable offers. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us or to pick up the phone! The Electronicx team finds quickly the ideal power storage for you and send it directly to the shipping department after ordering!

Use starter battery as a backup battery - is this possible

For use in a motorhome or other recreational purposes, many customers resort to a resaonably priced starter battery. However, the conventional car batteries are not designed for the permanent supply of radio, stove or heating. They are designed to provide high levels of current for a short time to start the car. Therefore we recommend to connect your caravan or RV to a supply battery. Due to its design, this offers a high cycle stability, what means that it allows a large number of loadings and discharge operations. We are happy to advise you on the best battery and to offer you recommandable products that you can order directly by phone or via our online shop. Just call us or send us an e-mail.

Install battery with larger capacity - is this possible?

Installing a battery with a slightly higher capacity (more Ah) is not a problem for the car. On the contrary: A larger power storage does not discharge as fast as as smaller one, thus offering a high reserve.
This is particularly advantageous for cars with many electrical consumers such as stereo or parking heater. However, the difference between old and new battery should not be too big.
Otherwise, the alternator will not be able to fully charge the accumulator while driving. In the long run it can lose capacity. Under no circumstances should the new starter battery have a lower capacity than the old one. Otherwise, problems may occur during the boot process. The permanent overloading of the battery leads by and by more wear and a shortened life. If you want to know what capacity is optimal for you vehicle, call us!
The trained employees of Electronicx will advise you comprehesively and find for you a battery that meets your requirements.

No Name or brand: Are there quality differences? Expensive or cheap?
Buying a new vehicle battery, the price is important. Of course, you could resort to cheap no-name products. They are also usable in your vehicle like a brand battery from Electronicx. But often is the shorter life-span one disadvantage of this electricity storages at dumping prices. Therefore we recommend not to buy the cheapest car battery, but to resort to a proven product. In our shop we offer vehicle batteries from brands like Varta, Exide, Electronicx and Banner. They are known for their high quality and longevity and have already proven this in tests. Electronicx batteries prove that branded batteries do not necessarily hav to be expensive. We offer you the best brand quality at an affordable prive with fast and reliable shipping!

Changing the battery: This is how you replace your old battery with a new one

You have ordered a new battery from Electronicx and would like to install it in your car as soon as possible? If you want to change by yourself, you should pay attention to a few important steps.
Incorrect operation when connecting or disconnecting the battery can lead to voltage fluctuations and short circuits. THis often leads to expensive damages to the vehicle electric. Therefore its of importance to follow these given instructions exactly or in case of doubt ask the garage of your confidence to carry out the battery replacement. The costs of installation are in a manageable range at about 0 to 50 euros.

Step by step to the new battery:

- Park your car on a flat terrain, enngage a gear and tighten the handbrake. Then switch off all electrical consumers icluding the ignition.
- Open the bonnet to access the battery. Often you will find the power stroage on the right side of the engine compartment. In some cars, the car battery hides under an additional cover that protects them from the cold and heat. Loosen any attachments of the protective over and remove them. - To disconnect the battery you will need a suitable wrench and possibly pliers. Loosen the nuts ans positive cable nuts. Of importance is that you follow strictly the correct order, otherwise it may lead to a short circuit. When moving the battery, disconnect the negative cable first, followin the positive cable.

Usually, the battery is fixed in the holder. Normally it only need to loosen a screw in order to remove the engine compartment. But beware: Thepower storage is heavy and can weigh between 10 and 30 kg. If necessary, as a second person for help.

- After removing the old battery, you can replace the battery from Electronicx. You insert it into the battery compartment and fix it. Go carefully to not damage the new starter battery.

- When connecting, proceed in the reserve orderas when disconnecting. First attach the positive terminal to the positive pole and only wthen the earth termminal on the negative terminal of the bbatttery. Beforehand, you can lubricate or spray both poles wiith pole grease. The acid-free grase prevents corrosioon and oxidation. A layer of protective varnish is also suitable to protect the poles from harmful influences.

Tip: If you disconnect the old battery, you may lose settings on the on board computer or radio, the clock and various controllers. The result: You have to re-make any existing codes and configurations. To prevent this, you should connect a suitable charger or another battery when charging the battery.

The right battery care: Maintenance-free does not mean care-free

Most of today's batteries are maintenance-free. This means that in contrast to older models, the refilling of distilled water or measuring the acid desity is eliminated. Nevertheless, it pays to regularly pay attention to the battery. At best you can double the life of your car battery.

Regular charging of the 12-volt battery has proven to be effective. Charge the battery of your car at least every two to three month via an external charger. With it you can extend the life expectancy of the accumulator by several years, even double under optimal conditions. If you do not have a charger yet, make sure it is suitable for your battery when you buy it. Power storages of cars with automatic start-Stop are batteries with special feature.

- To protect the battery, you should not switch on consumers such as blowers, light or radios until you have started the engine.
- Also make sure to turn off all consumers such as radio, navigation device or packing light when leaving the car.

For the sake of environment: we dispose of your old battery

According to $ 6 of the Battery regulation (BattV) Electronicx is obliged to chargfe a deposit of 7.50 Euro including VAT at the same time of sale of a nwe starter battery. This deposit will be charged in addition to the purchase price.

If you give us a spent battery in exchange pledge. In other words, if you buy a starter battery for your car from Electronicx, you'll need to exchange a car battery and not a motorcycle battery.