Electronicx Caravan Edition battery agm 80 ah 12v motorhome boat supply..

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Capacity (Ah) 80 Ah
Cold test current: 700 A(EN)
Voltage: 12 volt
Battery Technology: AGM
Positive pole: Right

Comparison number: 7P0915105C

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The absolutely maintenance-free battery 12 v combines many advantages. The solar camping battery is optimally protected against shocks, vibrations and other shaking movements with an extra thick housing. This makes the agm battery 80 ah a valuable and indispensable companion for many activities. You can use the car battery 80 ah 12 v both indoors and on the road. The solar battery 12 v 80 ah does not emit gases and is absolutely leak-proof. This makes the car battery 12 v an ideal companion for use indoors. But the battery 12 v can do much more. Due to the low internal resistance, a very fast charging of the agm battery is possible. A short-term high current output of the 12 v battery enables a quick use. This advantage of the solar battery can be very useful: Solar 12 v battery can be used as camper battery, boat battery 12 v, outboard battery, solar battery, car battery, inflatable boat battery, etc. The application areas of the solar 12 v battery are very versatile.

The battery 12 v 80 ah is ideally suited for both work and leisure and for various hobbies. Emergency and special vehicles are optimally equipped with the supply battery 12 v. The 12 v battery is equipped with fleece inserts, which guarantees a high cycle stability and a very low self-discharge of the lead battery 12 v. Other vehicles also benefit from the excellent quality of the battery 80 ah. Caravans as well as forklift trucks, boats, yachts, sailboats, marine boats etc. are well supplied with the 12 v battery. The 80 ah battery is very reliable and extremely durable. And also for sound systems, photovoltaic, solar systems, renewable energies etc. the versatile, reliable car battery 12 v is simply the best.

Technical data
Capacity (Ah):
95 Ah
Cold test current: 650A(EN)
Voltage: 12 volt
Dimensions (l x w x h): 240x175x190 mm
battery technology: agm
Positive pole: Right
End pole type: 1 (normal round poles)
Start-stop operation: Yes
ground bar: b13
Item weight: 18.3 kg

Maximum charging voltage: 14,70v
Min. rest voltage: 12,30v

reference number: 7P0915105C

SKU: Elec-AGM-Caravan-80AH
GTIN: 4059568028090
Batteriemaße‍: 241 x 175 x 190 mm
Pluspol‍: 0 (Pluspol rechts)
Anschlusspole‍: 1
Start-Stop Betrieb‍: Ja
Batterietechnologie‍: AGM-Batterie
Kapazität (Ah)‍: 80 Ah
Shipping weight‍: 18,00 kg
Item weight‍: 18,00 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height )‍: 24,20 × 17,50 × 19,00 cm

Technisches Datenblatt 80AH C100