Seat heating - pleasant mobile heat - for retrofitting

A mobile seat heater helps in a few moments to pleasant warmth on the seat. The retrofitting of a seat heater can be used on all vehicles. From small cars over middle class to vans and trucks, this type of surface heating brings quickly heat to the back and lombar area. Cosily warm from below, the heat is more pleasant for the body. The dry heating air from the car blower, often causes to dry out the skin.

To get easily and fast a warm back in winter with help of a seat heating is high comfort. Once used to it, one can hardly do without. It is good for the body temperature and protects against possible bladder problems. During longer night driving, modern headlight systems ensure better safety through Xenon or LED car lights. Heated seats allow you to open the window or bring cooler, refreshing air into the vehicle inside without overcooling the body, protecting against tiredness and counteracting the dangerous microsleep.

There is a variety of retrofitting heated car seats on the market. Most are heating mats. They get mounted on the vehicle seat. The mats are secured by tensioning straps which are easy to install for everyone. The power is supplied by the 12-volt cigarette lighter. Some can also be used with a battery system, which is helpful during a congestion on the highway.
If you experience once in a winter the benefits of a heating seat, you will never do without it. Not all car models are equipped with seat heaters as standard equipment. The base seat heater is available for 20 euros and will provide on the coldest day comforting warmth on the car seat.

A cold car in winter is extremely uncomfortable. Right there you need heating seats to warm up with adjustable temperature range. For older car models, where heating seats are not as standard included there are various retrofit options available. A complex version where a heating mat is laid under the original seat covers. One version with seat savers and heating or seat cushions with heating. Of course, the first version with original seats and integrated heating costs a lot. It is much more cost-effective to install seat covers with heating and buckles. For installation of a complex version with extra switches that can be installed in the automotive instrument panels it is recommended to consult a specialist for installation. There are various versions from the dealer Electronicx to the usual auto parts repair store. You will find diverse offers. The seat heating is nowadays a luxury for a cosy warm car seat. If outside it is bitterly cold, you will receive really easily a warm car within a moment. The correct use of a seat heater is quick to learn.

For purchase and installation of the seat heater, there are some things to consider. If you want to equip different seats, for examle driver and passenger seat a double connector is required. Also for the rear seats this is necessary. Modern vehicles usually offer USB ports. There are various seat heating systems for USB-connection on the market. An overheating protection and a switch for temperature regulation for user-friendly operation should be included.
Due to various temperature options, the seat heater will comfortably heat the seat during the transitional period on cold autumn mornings or frosty spring days accompanied by night frosts without  overheating. An existing TÜV quality seal is necessary GS approved.

More comfort and adjustment possibilities are provided from this long-lasting variant for retrofitting directly into the seat of the vehicle. Professional car upholstery companies offer integrated solutions. Thin heating mats get integrated between seat cover and seat upholstery. This sophisticated option looks after completion like an original seat heater from the manufacturer. The installation is costly.
Self-installation of a seat heater in form of heating mats is much cheaper. A Proper retrofitting increases significantly the value of a vehicle. The retrofitting of a seat heater is possible and brings a noticeably higher ride comfort for the cold season.

On cold winter days, everybody knows it, it's still dark, really cold and you need to get to work. But first you have to free the windscreen and rear window from ice. Also the exterior mirrors need to be freed from ice by tedious scratching. Many motorists are now "fed up" and need to sit now on a cold car seat. Also the steering wheel is bitterly cold. What a stressing morning. The muscles in the back are contracting and the result are muscle cramps. To start the day relaxed and "in good mood", a seat heater is perfect. It provides comfortable warmth in seconds. Also after a hard working day it is a treat for the back. On cold days the car heating system needs a long time to provide comfort warmth. The seat heating protects from reducing of the body temperature and prevents colds. You went walking in the mountains and were surprised by rain and arrive coolly at the vehicle. You will appreciate the seat heating. At Barbecues with later bonfires on cool summer nights, your partner in a short dress will be thankful because the heated seat at a minimum level will rise the body temperature quickly.

The seat heater is a great accessory and recommended for every car type. Already included in the standard equipment, as seat cover or subsequently installed by a specialist. Inform of a heating mat in the seat, the benefits are overwhelming. Switch on the seat heater, adjust your favorite temperature by means of a switch. Enjoy maximum comfort during frosty winter season.

Enjoy more comfort in the car during cold days and a pleasant warm feeling at the butt and back. A heatable car seat in high quality is equipped with carbon fibres. This construction heats up faster and distributes the heat more evenly on the seat. Heating mats installed between seat upholstery and seat cover work in a similar manner.  Here carbon fibres or heating wires are used. These are located unter the original seat cover of the vehicle seat and are not visible. One advantage is that this version is firmly installed in contrast to heatable seat covers and does not slip. Likewise, no cables or other elements are visible after integration. All cables are hidden in the vehicle compartment. If you have some craft skills installaion is easily possible. A good seat heating increases the resale value of your vehicle and stands out from comparable car models without seat heating. Integrated into the car seat, a seat heater is connected to the vehicle's internal power circuit and is controlled via controls on the console or fittings. There are most diverse models from the rotary knob to the slider.

The base models do not offer adjustment options. They can only get switched on and off. Modern varations are more flexible. The driver and other vehicle occupants can choose from up to six different heating levels They differ in temperature levels and heating capacity.
All models are equipped with a safety switch to prevent a potential overheating of the seat heater. The temperature range is usually between 30 to 50 degrees, variably adjustable in different heat settings. An important factor is the warm-up time, to reach the maximum temperature, a heating time of ten minutes is estimated for many models. Some units take up to half an hour before they heat up at full power. A seat heater for retrofitting as a seat cushion is the fastest option for a heated back. Built-in the driver's seat models need more time, because the material to be heated is thicker. Manufacturers integrated versions are typically designed to heat the drivers's seat and front passenger seat. In luxury class, a seat heater is often offered for the rear seat row in an additional surcharge. When buying a car, it is important to check whether a seat heater is standard equipment or optional to get as an extra package. With a surcharge, it is possible to get a seat cover or seat cushion with integrated heating mat originally obtained from the dealer, equipped with various options for setting. These are of course more expensive compared to seat covers with seat heating for easy retrofitting from the trade for auto parts accessories.

Ingenious car gadgets for the winter are car seat covers with heating function. These are sometimes offered with massage function and entry level versions are available at low costs. An extended seat heating allows the driver a warm back. This gives a good feeling after a cold winter walk or after wandering over the Christmas market in freezing temperatures. For almost all cars it is possible to retrofit a car seat. Many new cars have a seat heater as standard, other providers offer these models as an optional extra charge. The cheaper option of a seat heater for older car models and persons who doesn't want to spent much money are version for retrofitting like seat heating cushions or covers.

The quick way to the warm back is a seat heating seat cushion. Pleasamt warmth for little money and easy connection. One of the biggest advantages of the heated seat cushions is that it requires no installation and the variations are suitable for almost any vehicle. Seat heatings for original seats of VW, Golf and Polo or older BMW models, Opel, Hyudai, Fiat and many more. The connection is made via 12 Volt cigarette lighter in the center console or on the dashboard, depending on the vehicle type. Universally fitting seat hehating for a wide variety of car brands, for warmer journeys through the winter with more comfort. One criteriais crucial when purchasing a seat heater to pay attention to the models offered differ fundamentally in the time you need to heat up.

The lumbar region is extremely sensitive and does not respond very well to cold. Here is a seat heating creats remedy and increases the seating comfort in the car significantly. Connected and assembled by a specialist, the seat heating increases the resale value enorm. To retrofit a seat heater by installing it yourself, is not very difficult. But it is much more advantageuse to have it already to the car's internal circuit. The heat has a positive effect on the healt of the back.
For the less skilled the connection and installation of a seat mat under the seat covers is less suitable. The integration and the connection of a heating mat in the car is a task for skilled craftsmen.

Expertise is required to install the heating mats and to attach the seat warmers under the seat covers. Fire hazard is not given with correct installation. Here is advisable to select a professional specialist in order to avoid possible damage to the vehicle and the seat heating. In Germany it is prescibed by law that in vehicles with side airbags the seat heating must be installed by a specialist. it is legally required in Germany to let install the seat heating by a specialist. It is described in detail in the German Explosives Law.

Of course the car seat heating raises significantly the everyday comfort and prevents occupational diseases. Especially for drivers who spend a lot of time in the car due to their professional activities, this accessory is helpful. Many hours behind the wheel cause back problems, drafts and false unpleasant back position. A heater promotes blood circulation in the lumbar region and this is for professional drivers pain relief. A mobile seat heater for sales representatives is extremely useful and also for van drivers who work for  a parcel service benefit from.
Daily many stairs up and down, the cold in winter is poison for the back muscles, the solution is an electically powered seat heater for retrofitting. The professional driver will from pain. The employer will equally be preserved from illness of his employees. For such professional groups a seat heating is now almost indispensable. The low-cost variants are available for 20 euros in the retail or online. Long trips to the winter holiday during ski season. The risk of congestion is extremely high. With a heated mat in the additional seat cushion long journeys are more comfortable. Ther are several advantages and disadvantages for flexible versions or retrofit versions, which get mounted under the seat cover.

Each of the two seat heating options has advantages and disadvantages. The permanently installed system brings some advantages for the car and its driver. The cable clutter of one seat cushion is acceptable. For connecting several seat heaters a districutor is needed. This causes more cable tangle for sure.
For many drivers the permanent connection of the seat heater cable to the cigarette lighter is very distracting. For drivers of professional path, this is a good version but this is not advisable if you want to plan for your own car different heaters and a multiple connection over 12-Volt.
It's better to consult a specialist for retrofitting heating mats under the seat cover. Each mat gets integrated into the cars internal electric circuit and the annoying cable mess gets avoided.

Another possibility is to buy a car with already integrated seat heating. If not available as standard equipment, it is usually offered for every car in a special package by the manufacturer company.

One thing is certain: a mobile heating cushion system is much cheaper and connectable without expert knowledge to every car model. It gets easily installed on the car seat, fixed or fastened with straps to the backrest. The cable gets plugged to the cigarette lighter. Get fast pleasant warmth on back and butt.

These models of seat heating are simple to retrofit and usable in various cars. The only disadvantage is the wiring, individual models are available with battery and are charged via USB. But USB-version are not commonly available.
The price-performance ratio for a flexible car seat cushion is perfect. These versions also serve as a seat saver. Some more expensive variants have integrated massage functions and are equipped with residual heat. For construction workers and other employees who often work in the cold are seat heaters as seat savers perfect. At the same time, the seat gets protected from dirty work clothes and heat the cold body up to pleasant feeling. However these heatable seat savers are not as flexible as seat cushions. But they protect the seat fabric completely from external influences. A heated seat cushion is thus more effective and due to its robustness more suitable.


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